Biblical Women Athaliah and Jehosheba


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Athaliah and Jehosheba : 

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Athaliah certainly didn’t live up to the meaning of her name, “The Lord Is God.” She was the daughter of Ahab the king of northern kingdom and you will recall that he and his wife Jezebel led their countrymen into the worship of the idol Baal. Athaliah married the king of Judah which created an alliance between the northern and southern kingdoms. Her husband the king Joram died and was succeeded by their son, Ahaziah. A few months later, Jehu, in an attempt to wipe out Baal worship, killed the new king. Athaliah then became the first and only ruling Queen of Judah by murdering all her son’s children. Had she completed her plan then God’s promise to send a Messiah from the line of David would not have happened.

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As we all know when God has a plan, man may slow it down but will never be able to stop it, this is such a case. Athaliah thought she had killed all her grandchildren but didn’t know her step-daughter, Jehosheba, discovered her plan and hid her sole remaining grandchild, Joash and thus had preserved the line of David. Athaliah ruled for 6 years from 841-835 BC. Jehosheba had become like the Pharaoh's daughter when she had saved Moses from the clutches of the Pharaoh's order to kill all male Hebrew children.

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This action took a great deal of courage on Jehosheba’s part, even though she was married to the high priest and had some power it was a power that would not have saved her from a murderous Queen. When Joash reached 7 years old Jehosheba’s husband and high priest, Jehoiada, arranged a coup.

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As you would imagine Queen Athaliah was furious. Jehosheba and her husband had hidden the child in the one place they knew the queen wouldn’t look, the Temple of the Lord. The queen went to the temple to accuse Jehosheba of treason and in the process the queen was killed with a sword because of her evil deeds and promotion of idol worship. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword as Athaliah had done.

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