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Dinah : 

Dinah Jacob’s only daughter If you would like these presentations in high resolution PowerPoints please go to: Weekly Readings and Illustration tab, as always the materials are free. Copyrighted material that appears in this article is included under the provisions of the Fair Use Clause of the National Copyright Act, which allows limited reproduction of copyrighted materials for educational and religious use when no financial charge is made for viewing.

The Birth Announcement : 

The Birth Announcement Dinah was the daughter of Jacob and Leah (Gn. 30:21). Just think about being the only girl in the family and having 12 brothers. By Genesis 34 Dinah has now become a woman and is going out to visit the neighborhood women. The prince of the area was Shechem , the son of Hamor the Hivite. After just one glance at her he wanted her, rather than follow the normal procedures he raped her. All sexual sin has consequences that have an affect not only on the participants but on the many people with whom they come in contact. Sometimes when two cultures blend they fail to respect the moral values of the other.

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This was the case, Shechem was a prince accustom to taking whatever he wanted. Many years later we will see another king, a Jewish king, who is also unable to control himself and he too took a woman to satisfy his needs, the king’s name was David. Shechem attempts to make his sin somewhat honorable by enlisting his father’s help in getting Dinah for his wife. It is clear that when Shechem and Hamor arrive to speak with Jacob about what Shechem had done that Shechem is feeling very guilty and he offers any amount for the bride price. At this point Dinah’s brothers take over the conversation.

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They explain that it would be a terrible insult to the Israelite community to marry their sister to an uncircumcised man, even if he had already taken away her virginity. They would agree to marry their sister to him if every male among them were circumcised (Gn. 34:15). Shechem and Hamor agree and all the males are circumcised. Three days later Simeon and Levi killed all of the males in the city including Shechem and Hamor. Adding to the revenge the remaining 10 brothers sacked the city and stole all the women, children and animals (Gn. 24:29). Jacob is angry with them for what they had done but it is too late for him to rectify the situation so they leave with the spoils of their revenge

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What can we learn from the rape of Dinah? We all have sexual urges but only the strong among us control them which of course separates us from the lower animals. We can learn about pride and power. Shechem thought he held both and he did but tried to take more than his position in the community allowed for. Hamor tried to help his son resolve the rape but never once pointed out that it was His crime that caused the turmoil in both communities. Simeon and Levi sought and took revenge by murdering the innocent along with the guilty. Dinah was the innocent victim of a lustful man who was unable or unwilling to control his desires and in so doing cause one community to be totally destroyed and the other community to live a life of shame because of their actions.

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