Five Types of USB Type-C Adapters You Must Know About


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Out of various types of USB adapters, USB Type-C adapter has become more popular because of high capacity and other functionalities. Here are five widely-used Type-C adapters for connecting devices. To know more :


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Five Types of USB Type-C Adapters You Must Know  About USB an industry standard serves the same purpose for devices as the language for humans Yes. It enables devices to communicate with each other through a port and a connector. After releasing its first revision as USB 1.1 in 1998 USB is now available in Type-C. USB Type-C connector has gained traction in the realm of USB adapters with its slim profile and powerful functionality. What Makes USB Type-C Adapters Better Than Other USB Types USB Type-C is not an average adapter. It has a high bandwidth and power delivery. It can transfer 4K content along with other large files and can power even most 15-inch notebooks. Higher data transfer charging and video output capacity make USB Type-C a choice of Chromebooks and Apple MacBook Pro line. Also smartphones using the Type-C adapter are on the rise. ​ 1 ​ ​

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Being the providers of different types of adapters SF Cable is here to acquaint you with five useful ​Type C USB adapters that can ensure a seamless connectivity between gadgets. We have described each one of them with their utility below: USB 3.1 G1 Type C Male To Type A Female Adapter You can connect peripheral devices to portable devices with this adapter. For example if you want to connect mouse or keyboard with tablets or laptops our USB 3.1 G1 Type C Male to Type A Female Adapter can come of help. You can also connect your smartphone and e-reader with this connector. The adapter is reversible and facilitates plugging in any orientation. Technical Specifications: Data transfer rate- Up to 5Gbps Length- 6 inches USB 3.1 G1 Type C Male to Type A Female Adapter ​. ​ 2 ​ ​

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USB Type C Male To VGA Female Adapter If you want to connect your VGA-enabled monitor or TV with the new MacBook Pro Chromebook or Tablets our USB Type-C Male to VGA Female Adapter is for you. It is a reversible USB Type-C plug. It mirrors image from a connected device to a larger display. You have an image on your Chromebook. You can see it on a larger TV screen thanks to this adapter. It also provides the facility of showing video. You can use it in HDMI-enabled monitor or TV as well. Technical Specifications: Reversible Adapter Length- 7 inches USB Type C Male to VGA Female Adapter ​ 3 ​ ​

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USB Type C Male To HDMI Female Adapter It is better to use a dedicated HDMI adapter to connect your device to HDMI TV or monitor rather using a VGA adapter. You can get better picture and video quality on a larger HDMI-enabled TV with the HDMI adapter as compared to VGA adapter. This adapter enables you to mirror USB Type-C compatible device to HDMI-enabled TV or monitor. It makes connecting a Chromebook Tablets and MacBook Pro to HDMI monitor or TV set easy. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Our USB Type C Male to HDMI Female adapter combines digital video signals and multi-channel audio signals. It provides video and audio when available. Technical Specifications: Reversible Adapter Audio-video Length- 7 inches USB Type C Male to HDMI Female Adapter ​ 4 ​ ​

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USB Type C Male To Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Supposing you have a smartphone but you do not have Wifi connection available. How would you access the Internet Ethernet provides a solution to this problem. Apart from computers the Ethernet has gained ground to interconnect appliances and other personal devices. Our USB Type C Male to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter connects your devices with RJ45 Ethernet Port. You can access the internet with this connector through an Ethernet connection. Technical Specifications: Reversible Type-C Plug Up to one Gigabit of speed depending on the connection speed Length- 7 inches USB Type C Male to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter ​ 5 ​ ​

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USB Type C Male To DisplayPort Female Adapter DisplayPort is a digital display interface. It also works on digital signals like HDMI. We can consider it as an option to VGA and DVI technologies. If your monitor or TV is DisplayPort-enabled then you need our adapter to connect it with the other device. For example MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have mini display ports. The DisplayPort adapter connects your USB Type-C devices with such TV or monitor. Quite similar to HDMI adapter this connector also provides both video and audio when available. Technical Specifications: Reversible USB Type C adapter Length- 7 inches USB Type C Male to DisplayPort Female Adapter SF Cable offers you an array of USB Adapters with premium quality. You can know more about our collection of USB Adapters by visiting our page. ​ 6 ​ ​

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