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Integrated Leadership Model Paper Presentation:

Ryan Bast Professor Winton ORLD 501 Saint Louis university Integrated Leadership Model Paper Presentation

President John F. Kennedy:

“ Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other.” President John F. Kennedy

Five Leadership Functions:

Five Leadership Functions Vision and Mission Shared Values Strategy Empowerment Influence, Motivation, and Inspiration

Self Assessment Results:

Self Assessment Results Shared Values Vision and Mission Influence, Motivation, and Inspiration Empowerment Strategy

Vision and Mission:

Vision and Mission Past & Present Identify and Explain Stakeholders Guide Decision Making Energize Myself Future Vision Through Behavior Identifiable Purpose ---------------------------------------- Innovative Solutions

Shared Values:

Shared Values Past & Present communicate values Parallel to mine Everyone on same page Future Share org values Encourage others


Strategy Past & present Info gathering Win-win scenarios Encourage action on fact vs . assumptions Future Facts before action Clarify problem before planning solutions ---------------------------------------- Different view points “big picture”


Empowerment Past & present Mentor & coach Ensure transparency Protect group Bring out the best in people Future Open-door policy ---------------------------------------- Releasing “power” collaboration Focus on development & continuous learning

Influence, Motivation & Inspiration:

Influence, Motivation & Inspiration Past & present Referent power Recognize personal impact Effect of emotions Responsibly use Personal power Future Permeable inspiration Express confidence in others ---------------------------------------- Encourage others to act together Seek advice/build consensus

Strengths & Opportunities:

Strengths & Opportunities strengths Identifying organizational elements Decision making Referent power opportunities Innovation Power relinquishing Personal development

Personal Development:

Personal Development Part 1 Widen scope of influence Collaborate with others Empower others by providing opportunities Part 2 Reflection “big picture” Alternative view points

Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


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