How To Configure Windows 7 In Lenovo Laptop


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In this PPT, We provide the steps To Configure Windows 7 In Lenovo Laptop. If you have any query call us at Lenovo Support Number 1-800-752-629.


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How To Configure Windows 7 In Lenovo Laptop?:

How To Configure Windows 7 In Lenovo Laptop?


HELLO! I Am Ryan Breen In this presentation, I am providing the step To Configure Windows 7 In Lenovo Laptop.-

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Lenovo is a Chinese brand, they have captured a big market for themselves. With quality, range and affordable computers and laptops, the brand is the choice of many home and office users. Since the technology is growing rapidly, the company is producing more advanced technologies too. To be in line with the time, they believe change is the only way forward. Since they understand the market and their users so well, thus, users are excited as well to try out the combination of Windows 7 and Lenovo Laptop.

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When these two are combined together, it results in an amazing amalgamation of greatness. The device is already the perfect one and when you match Windows 7 with it, it becomes very smooth to use. Since, both the brands are known to be the best in their fields, especially for the users who want to install this device along with Windows as their OS.  Lenovo Computer Support  explains the process to do so:

Steps To Install Windows 7 On Lenovo Laptop:

Steps To Install Windows 7 On Lenovo Laptop Firstly, reduce the brightness level of your laptop. Since it uses Start with turning off the computer where you will install the operating system. Now, turn the system back on after a few seconds. Now keep clicking on F2, F10, F9, Del or Esc keys to enter the BIOS of your system. After you see BIOS’S Boot options menu, choose CD-ROM drive as the FIRST boot device.  Now keep on saving the changes of your settings using the BIOS menu.  Shut down the computer and again turn it back on after a few seconds.

Lenovo Support:

Lenovo Support Now, insert the Windows 7 Disc into the CD drive of your system.  Now start your system from the disc.  Select Windows set up button amongst the options. This will install the software and click Install now.  Press on Agree, after reading the terms and condition provided and hit on next step button. Select Custom installation. Now, start by choosing the hard drive and partition as per your requirement to install windows on your device. Now your installation process will be over on your preferred partition and hard drive.

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If you need any further help regarding this or any other queries about your laptop, call us at  Lenovo Customer Support  number  1-800-752-629 . Our experts will provide you with proper technical guidance on the matter always.

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