Choose Lenovo Support for Extending the battery life of laptop

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In this PPT, We provide the steps for Extending the battery life of laptop. If you have any query call us at Lenovo Support Number 1-800-752-629.


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Choose Lenovo Support for Extending the battery life of laptop :

Choose Lenovo Support for Extending the battery life of laptop


HELLO! I am Ryan Breen I am here to give presentations on Extending the battery life of laptop 2

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“ You are outside with your Lenovo laptop and waiting for one of your friends. To pass the time, you turned on the laptop and started to watch some funny videos on it. But what if it has less number of battery percentage? Don’t worry; as the power was taken by the whole system can be reduced by following some simple steps. ” 3

These steps are as follows::

These steps are as follows: Firstly, reduce the brightness level of your laptop. Since it uses the battery power so you can save big by reducing its level in which you are comfortable. Unplug all unnecessary external peripherals that are not currently in use. To save the battery life, remove USB devices, headphones, charger cable, and other devices. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if not in use at the present time. Safely disable it by going to Settings to avoid draining the battery . 4

Lenovo Support:

5 Lenovo Support Change the Power settings by going to Control Panel. It is advised to select “Optimize for battery lifespan mode” and keep the AC adapter connected all the time. Prevent the updates running in the background. Change the settings so that these activities run when your computer is plugged into a power source.

Lenovo Support Australia:

Lenovo Support Australia That’s all a user can do to save the battery of the laptop to use it for a longer time. If you have some another issue on your system then feel free to contact  Lenovo Laptop Support  number  1-800-752-629 . By dialing this number you will be connected with one of our executive who will guide you through the whole process of troubleshooting the complex problem. We are available to help our clients at any time on any day with our talented technicians.

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8 THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at 1-800-752-629

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