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New Zealand Student Dependent Visa - If your partner is studying in New Zealand, it is easy to get a spouse visa for yourself. Contact New Zealand Student Dependent Visa Consultants in India to guide your entire procedure. Know More:


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Student Work Visa for Partners to New Zealand:

Student Work Visa for Partners to New Zealand This Student work visa for partners to New Zealand enables qualified partners of Student visa holders to live and work in New Zealand. The sponsoring student should be in New Zealand for studying toward a level 7 or level 8, which can be translated as a graduation or post-graduation degree or diploma certification, for subjects which are on the country’s Long Term Skill Shortage List or alternatively level 9 or level 10 – in layman’s terms  Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Features of the student work visa for partners to New Zealand:

Features of the student work visa for partners to New Zealand The visa allows you to 1. Join your partner who is study in New Zealand Live in New Zealand as long as your partner lives and studies in the country Take up employment in New Zealand Study for a course that does not last more than 3 months Travel in and out of New Zealand as many times as you like before your visa expires. Travel anywhere within New Zealand while living on this visa Note: You will not be able to bring your dependent children with you on this visa but can apply separately for them based on the principal applicant’s relationship with them.

Eligibility for the Visa:

Eligibility for the Visa In order to be eligible for applying for the visa you need to satisfy the following criteria Your partner should be living in New Zealand or should plan to arrive in the country on a student visa He should support your visa application He or she should be studying towards a qualification on the country’s Long Term Skill Shortage List, or a postgraduate degree or diploma You and your partner must be living together in a genuine and stable relationship, which is defined as a). A legal marriage b). A civil union c). A de facto relationship. 

Eligibility for the Visa:

Eligibility for the Visa 1. marriage certificate or civil union certificates 2.birth certificates of your children 3. Evidence of correspondence between you and your partner. 4. photos taken together with your partner 5. evidence that your friends, family and acquaintances recognize  your relationship 6. evidence of planning and deciding together 7. proof that you co-parent your children 8. proof that you spend your leisure time together 9. A combined rental lease agreement or home loan 10. Mail that is addressed to both you and your partner at the same place and time 11. joint bank accounts that you hold 12. proof of any physical or financial assets that you jointly hold 13. joint credit cards or hire purchase agreements 14. Joint utilities bills such as power or phone bills.

Conditions for arrival:

Conditions for arrival If you are a partner arriving in New Zealand on the student partner work visa then you will need to apply for entry permission on arrival at New Zealand by filling an arrival card which you will be given on your way to the country. You will be provided entry only if you meet the following conditions You meet the character requirements as set by the government of New Zealand The circumstances and reasons for your visit have changed thus making your visa invalid You agree to provide your biometrics to the concerned authorities You are able to prove your ability to sponsor yourself and have sufficient funds to live in New Zealand.

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