21 Best Windows ShortKeys You Must try it

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21 Best Windows Shortcuts Roshni Singh Windows shortcuts are meant to make your work easier and faster. So let’s start with one by one. Here’s the list of all shortcuts for your Windows System 1. WINDOWS LOGO + D When several tabs are open and you want to access any files or folders stored on your desktop then press windows logo + D. 2. WINDOWS LOGO + M This short key is used to minimize all the active tabs at once. It’s the best way to evade stalkers or people who tries to know that what’s going on your computer. You can retrieve this minimized tab by just pressing Windows Logo + Shift+ M. 3. WINDOWS LOGO + E Use this Short key to easily explore you’re my computer drive without going to start button or my computer options on the desktop. 4. ALT + ENTER With the help of this shortcut key you can access the property of any file document My Computer and many more without any right click. 5. WINDOWS LOGO + R Windows logo + R enable you to access the run command directly without the help of mouse. 6. CTRL + ESC This one is shortcut of windows logo it allows opening the startup menu for rapid access. 7. WINDOWS LOGO + L Windows Logo + L will simply lock the computer. If you have to go anywhere for few minutes and you don’t want to turn it off simply uses this key. 8. ALT + TAB This key assists users to switch between currently opened multiple tabs for rapid access.

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21 Best Windows Shortcuts Roshni Singh 9. SHIFT + CTRL + N If you are using windows 7 this keys will lets you create New Folder on your system. Sorry but this shortcut doesn’t work with Windows XP. 10. WINDOWS LOGO + BREAK It allows you to quickly access the System Properties. You don’t have to open control panel in order to access the system property. 11. WINDOWS LOGO + F3 Allows you to find and search any file and folder in their computer. 12. WINDOWS LOGO + SPACE BAR This key allows taking a peek at desktop you don’t need to minimize the entire opened tab and you can take a view of their desktop after hitting this short cut. If you are using Windows XP it will not work as it works in Windows 7 it will work as page down for the users. 13. WINDOWS + T Another great shortcut key which will show the preview of opened tabs when you will press windows + T it cycles through task bar and let you see the live preview of opened tab. 14. CTRL+ SHIFT+ ESC This key opens task manager so that you can check the current process along with the currently running programs. 15. WINDOWS LOGO + U WINDOW + X Windows + U helps you to quickly access the window Centre and second one is used to open the Windows Mobile Centre. 16. WINDOWS LOGO + + AND - It allows users to zoom in and zoom out to their desktop Windows + + is used to zoom in for closer look at the windows while on contrary window + - used for zoom out for the more distant look of windows. It doesn’t work with Windows XP.

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21 Best Windows Shortcuts Roshni Singh 17. SHIFT + DELETE It permanently deletes files and folders and doesn’t allow them to reside in recycle bin. 18. WINDOWS LOGO + HOME It helps to minimize all opened tab but it doesn’t minimize the currently active tab. 19. WINDOWS LOGO + SHIFT + RIGHT OR LEFT ARROW If you are working on dual monitors these keys help them to move from left to right monitor Use windows + shift + right to move current window to the right monitor and on contrary it allows to move to the left monitor. 20. WINDOWS LOGO + NUMERIC 1 2 3 ETC This key enables users to quickly access the applications in taskbar windows Logo + 1 is used to access the first app and thus +2 is for the second app and so on. 21. F4 KEY This key will help in get out of using mouse to select the particular URL. Short Key will use to select the particular URL on your system. This only works with Windows 7.