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No 1 low risk driving Teaching School:

No 1 low risk driving Teaching School By: Academyofroadsafety.com.au

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Low risk driving is all about skills of driving. Driving is always a package of safety and risk. When you care, then definitely you should acquire skills of low risk driving to enjoy a better life ahead.

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Scanning – Scanning is having an eye on entire picture available in Learners drivers course front of your eyes in a smart manner. Important spaces to scan is the space between two vehicles, road surface, left and right, regularly at the instruments and mirrors on your vehicle. 

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Drive at a speed that is among the rules and regulation and this may permit you to react and fully stop among the safe distance you can see.

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Once you see potential hazards, prepare to apply brakes, as an example once pedestrians are near or some other vehicles might break out of a sudden before of you, at cross roads. If there is no clear visibility, just stop or slow down.

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How do you define hazard? Hazard can be defined as a potential crash like situation. Hazards can be visible or invisible depending on the situation. A pedestrian who is waiting to cross the road might just come over. A dead end or blind corner. Bad conditions for driving. Other driver not following traffic rules.

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There is a typical speed maintenance, which can be called as crash avoiding speed. It depends on the distance from another vehicle, property, animal or pedestrian. It is a math of the mind to calculate reaction and response time and maintain distance as per that.

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When a driver sees a particular object, understand the situation, decides on the response time and start responding click here to that, ideal situation for a healthy and safe driver is response time of 1.5 seconds. You would require perhaps more time in poor conditions like in rain or darkness.

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In conditions, such as a gravel road, rain or night driving extends the distance from another vehicle by 4 seconds. Crash avoidance area is a prime factor in NSW as major accidents are observed in NSW, where crashing from behind the vehicle is more evident. In these cases, drivers should be made more aware of these 3 second gap technique.

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Acquiring such simple skills can help you keep yourself safe as well as others safe on the road. With your calculative techniques, you can also alert others from the possible accidents.  


THANK YOU CREDIT: Academyofroadsafety.com.au

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