Insights on reaping more business value from RPA

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Insights on reaping more business value from Robotic Process Automation Many a times enterprises fail to find a cog in the wheel stopping them from building an efficient workforce. Recent employee surveys indicate that time consuming repetitive manual tasks bog down the employees from performing to their fullest potential. Organisations of different sizes and business verticals have identified this bottleneck and are looking for ways to overcome it. Robotic Process Automation tools ​ help in automating many of the manual repetitive time consuming tasks which otherwise employees have to do making them spend less or no time on innovative value added activities. The software robots can be trained and configured to mimic the user actions of clicks copy-paste and other data entry tasks. The first step in the path to automate is to have a comprehensive understanding of various business processes across the organisation and

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departments. The automation leadership team needs to prioritize the processes which have direct impact on customers and products. Focused measurement of the process metrics like time taken to complete the process customer wait time etc. will play a crucial role in identifying the business value that needs to be enhanced as a result of automation. The pilot teams have to document the ​RPA Use Cases ​ which have low hanging fruits that can be achieved quickly. One of the important KPIs would be to derive higher efficiency at lower costs. Detailed surveys from employees will help identify their pain points and tasks which they observe to be consuming most of their time. Finance and Operations related processes have huge business value to reap. Robotic Process Automation solutions can address the painful process of Finance reconciliation and timely Reporting on which accountants spend most of their daily time. The software bots can be helpful in fetching information from different data sources process them with predefined rules validate and reconcile without any human interventions. This greatly reduces the error prone manual process and increases timely process execution. Top RPA Vendors ​ can be sought to partner in the drive for automation as they can demonstrate the solution capability and lift the heavy job of implementation while the enterprise leadership team can focus on defining the business value to be derived from the RPA solutions. Automating back office processes can help resources to streamline the front office activities giving a boost to the overall customer service. Very often business intelligence and reporting applications need data from varied sources and systems to be cleansed and contextual rules to be applied so as to make the right sense from the data. Lot of manual effort goes in extracting data and applying business rules on them. ​Robotic Process Automation solutions ​ can solve the latency issues and get uninterrupted timely reporting to the management.

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To conclude businesses should understand the relevance of RPA with respect to the pain points in existing processes and strategize the automation efforts to derive major value in terms of cost reduction quick turnaround process efficiency and better human resource utilization. The true objective of RPA should focus not just on what a Bot can do but more on how it can empower the human workforce to do wonderful and innovative things that a Bot cannot do. Contact Us: Website: ​ Emailid: ​ Mobile No: 8639930284