Leveraging Intelligent Automation with RPA Solutions to Outdo Competit

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Leveraging Intelligent Automation with RPA Solutions to Outdo Competitors Vendors are helping business with a combination of AI RPA solutions and digital automation which acts as the foundation for intelligent automation. They have presented ​robotic process automation use cases ​ which have showcased the potential of the technology. And this is the reason why RPA is becoming and increasingly popular technology among businesses. So I thought that I should go ahead and highlight the way vendors are using RPA solutions to push intelligent automation and help its clients get an edge over their competitors.

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RPA Solutions Offered by Vendors Enhancement of Existing Business Applications with Minimal Hindrance: Though many businesses are excited to get themselves equipped with AI-based technologies to enhance their digital transformation strategies they find it difficult to digest the complexities of AI implementations. The thought which discourages a business to embrace intelligent automation is that it will impact its day-to-day operations. Due to interruption in business productivity is reduced thereby resulting in loss of revenue. However businesses can integrate AI capabilities like machine learning natural language processing and sentiment analysis into existing processes without resulting in hindrance to the ongoing projects. This will not only allow businesses to carry out the business as usual but also exponentially improve it. Reduction in Human Errors and Boosting Employee Morale: The myth around the town is that AI will replace the role of humans at workplace and eventually lead to loss of human jobs. However AI-based technologies provide an opportunity for humans to improve business value. RPA companies ​ help employees to eliminate the repetitive monotonous tasks. It gives them a window to focus on the tasks which are have a higher stake. As per the survey in the report of the Forbes 2019 "Accelerating Business Value with Intelligent Automation" 92 of the 300 senior executives felt

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that intelligent automation and solutions from ​robotic process automation vendors ​ have improved employee satisfaction level. Simplified Decision Making Using the Power of Data: “Who masters the data will rule the world” is the perfect quote for this case. By leveraging the right set of tools the insights drawn by data can accelerate the decision-making process enhance the customer experience and improve risk detection and mitigation. Intelligent data processing and advanced analytics can be brought into the picture to extract better information thereby generating better value. Even if the data is unstructured AI can interpret it and convert that information into a bot-friendly format. Data can help businesses to make more informed insightful and strategic business decisions. No Threat to Security: The entry of new technology into an existing system can create the perception of increased risk to the current processes in the model. Security is the topmost parameter when it comes to managing corporate data. RPA technology can be used to deploy automation solutions without disturbing the underlying business model. This technology interacts with the system features and data rather than the APIs. RPA companies have put forth many other intelligent automation benefits apart from the one discussed above. An organization needs to have an in-depth understanding of AI process automation ​RPA solutions ​ and software robotics. A combination of these can do wonders. Are you looking to get an edge over your competitors Allow us to help you to adapt your business to these technologies. Let’s connect.