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Do You Know About the Child Rights in India The basic rights of the children across concerning various needs and issues are well defined by the Convention on the Child Rights. On December 1992 India endorsed and became a member to the convention. The convention has defined various rights that the children ought to know. 1. The right to education: Most of the children in India never get an opportunity to go to school in pursuit of education. The main reason behind this is the poverty. 2005 UNICEF reports have made shocking revelations. 33 million students have never been to school and 72 million children have been deprived the right of basic education. The dropout rate in the school has witnessed an alarming rise. So taking a note of this issue laws were passed to provide the child the basic education. The right to education act is an outcome of this convention only. 2. The right to nutrition health and care: It has been seen over the years that a 53 million children are either undernourished or malnourished. This was the root cause for the increase in the mortality rate in children is due to the dearth of vaccination proper nutrition and lack of medical facilities. 85 million children have not been immunized. 3. The right of a child to express oneself: Every child is vested with the right to express oneself freely without any suppression from others or elders. 4. The rights of protection against abuse and exploitation: It is estimated that 17 million children work as child laborers and 5.5 million children work as sex workers and a similar number enters the trade every year. Therefore laws had to be enforced to protect the childhood of these young children.

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5. The rights to name and nationality: Children are not commodities and have the right to have an identity of their own and relate it to the nation. Most of the girls are neglected as more preference is given to the boys. 6. The rights of recreation and development: Unfavorable living conditions compel the children to lead a life full of insecurity and poverty and cannot explore the experiences in the childhood to the fullest potential. Children have to be given the rights to entertain themselves with some recreational activities like sports hobbies. India has also endorsed the World Declaration on the Survival Protection and Development of the Child Plans In India. The Indian National Plan of Action derives its roots from the World Summit National Plan of Action for improving the life of 300 million children in the country. A National Commission for the Protection of the Child Rights has been formed to ensure strict enforcement of the child rights and the proper implementation of the programs and the laws. The commission can take suo moto cognizance of various matters relating to the violation of the fundamental rights of the children. Source: