How Does Cotton Effect our lives

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How Does Cotton Effect our lives?: 

How Does Cotton Effect our lives? By Scott Bearden Begin


Summary Today we will talk about the ways cotton helps our town and life style. We will talk about what cotton is used to make, and even what food cotton products go into. Also we will learn how cotton products support our farmers, citizens, community, business, and school.

The Ways Cotton Effects our Lives.: 

The Ways Cotton Effects our Lives. Cloth for cloths are made from cotton, and in many of the foods you eat everyday contain oil from the cotton seed. Cotton also helps our town and state. For each pound of cotton grown in our school district, the school and state receive taxes. Cattle eat the cotton seed, and cotton supports businesses. How cotton effects cloths and food! How cotton supports our town, school, livestock, and businesses. Choose which area you want to view first, by clicking on the blue box!

How Cotton Effects Cloths and Food.: 

How Cotton Effects Cloths and Food. Cotton is in most of our cloths. Some shirts are made of 100% cotton, and all jeans are made from cotton. Most people sleep on 100% cotton sheets. Towels are also made of cotton also.

How Cotton Effects Cloths and Food.: 

How Cotton Effects Cloths and Food. Oil from cotton seed is put into crackers and chips. Many other products are also cooked in cotton seed oil. Review

How Cotton Effects Taxes: 

How Cotton Effects Taxes Taxes from cotton grown in our school district support our school. We get lots of money from the state and government because of the abundance of cotton in our school district.

How Cotton effects Livestock: 

How Cotton effects Livestock Cotton seed gives cows a very nutritional food source. Cotton seed is also bought by feed companies and put into animal feed. Cotton seed is very high in protein. Farmers mainly feed the livestock cotton seed in the winter, so that the cows will have high protein in the winter.

How Cotton effects our Gin and Businesses.: 

How Cotton effects our Gin and Businesses. Without cotton their would be no need for a gin. The cotton keeps the gin running and gives many people jobs that the wouldn’t have without the gin. Most of our businesses are supported by cotton. They rely on cotton to keep customers coming to them. Review

Review : 

Review Which of the following is made of cotton? A. Paper B. T-shirt C. Pencil D. Chair


Remember, many t-shirts are made of cotton.


Review What food product is cotton seed oil put into? A. Apples B. Pizza C. Corn D. Crackers


Remember, crackers contain cotton seed oil


Review Taxes from cotton support our school and town? True False


Keep in mind, taxes do support our school.


Review Why do farmers feed their livestock cotton seed? A. It is high in Protein B. Helps the cows through winter. C. It is high in Energy D. All of the above


There are many reasons that farmers use cotton seed as a feed on the farm.