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Friends and Family The best things in life often go unnoticed

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Sergeant Kimberly Bawkin – HHC Company 4 th Brigade Combat Team 4 th Brigade Special Troops Battalion 1 st Cavalry Division My mother while serving a 4-year tour of duty in Iraq, after a 2-year tour in Afghanistan

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Reunion After a 6-year tour of duty, my mother returned from the Middle East. Me My Brother

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Military service does have its perks, of course. My mother in Iraq using an M240.

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Naturally, I followed my mother’s choice of a hard, disciplined life.

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The cadets in charge of the J.R.O.T.C. Battalion. God help us all.

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Kedzie polishing his boss’s boss’s shoes Kedzie getting beat up by a fellow Captain over paperwork Poor Kedzie

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December 17 th , 2011 MY BIRTHDAY! Togezzer with my “wife” and “son” Some things are just too good to forget Me Shemuelle Dado Oscar Florentino

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My club after practice. Yes, we’re all a little crazy. Evan Andersson Quintin Manjarrez Ahmad Abu-Shalbak Jacob Lichtenwalter

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Fun, but dangerous. Club treasurer Jacob Lichtenwalter practicing Armed Combatives at Clark Park

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No family truly gets along. For me, it’s the pacifists versus the military brats.

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My father, Clint Joseph Hadden My mother, Kimberly Josephine Bawkin Versus

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My dad and his fiancé in Hawaii. My favorite redneck uncle, Patrick Bawkin. At home. Versus

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And then … Tragedy strikes…

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In January 2009, my grandmother’s house in Magnolia, Kentucky burned to the ground. It was my first happy home as a child. It held my brightest memories. There was nothing left, except the walls. And now, not even that.

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My uncle Patrick Bawkin sitting over what used to be the front door of our home. Flower Garden Ground Front Steps

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My uncle Patrick Bawkin examining the roof of the remains. The building used to be 2 stories. Note the slant of the roof.

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Never undervalue the people around you. Never underestimate the objects in your possession. Never overlook the fact that you do have a home. Even if you don’t like it. You never really know what you have until you lose it. Friends and Family: The Best Things in Life Often Go Unnoticed

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Kimberley Bawkin Clint Hadden Robin Vitucci Imaris Soc

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