Everything you need to know about remodeling a bathroom

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Everything you need to know about remodeling a bathroom Floor to ceiling For the selection of wall covering note that light colors and large formats contribute to the illusion of spaciousness while dark colors and small formats have the opposite effect. The flooring material is not always the same as that used in the walls usually more resistant slip resistant and can even be a different color or format. Always buy 10 more material as allowance for waste by cuts tile and future repairs. For a bathroom you can choose from ceramic porcelain marble tile or natural stone. The selection depends on the style you want: rustic contemporary or modern. The budget is also crucial. Any of these materials is in a price range and will visit several stores to compare and choose the one that best suits your needs. There is no fixed in the order of placement of the tiles rule however should begin laying the first complete part in the most visible place so that the cuts are hidden behind the door in the case of the wall and behind the sanitary parts on the floor. If the format of the floor and walls is the same the lines must match. The corners or edges of the projecting corners should be rounded or cut at 45 for more neat endings. The floor covering must be suitable for efficient drainage especially in the shower outstanding. Floor centers should be one or two millimeters below the floor level to prevent water empoce. Losing inches floor level shower instead of the traditional rim is a stylish and elegant trend. There are also treated wood frames that are placed on the floor of the shower to simulate a whirlpool effect. Note that the roof will need a new coat of paint and a preliminary sanding to remove all splatter hit resulting from the placement of the coating on the walls. Sanitary parts If you plan to change the location of the pieces of bathroom sinks must remember that you find to be the first to enter. It is best to avoid moving the toilet because the level of the drain is usually embedded in the plate and need to reposition an uncomfortable sobrepiso. The inseparable pair of WC is the bidet but is in danger of extinction due to lack of space. Must be at his side and can be replaced with a handheld shower. For health recommendation new bidet are similar to the taps of the sink where the water falls from above for better hygiene faucet.

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Preferably Select sanitary parts and fittings compatible with our system plumbing. In todays market are products from Europe or Asia but not always fit well with the measurements of the pipes we have and often lack long-term replacement. There are very good national products Venceramica or Pacific Cast ensuring good design and spare parts always available at bathroom remodel. As for the sink there are over or under the limit pot rim type of glass stainless steel rock and so on. It is important to have this piece before buying the faucet because it can be traditional 4 or 8 inches or the more modern type mixer. The taps can be placed in the sink itself or on top if you want something more daring you can also put on the wall. Similarly a wide variety of WC: can be low or high silent tank and discerning people there are automated with heating and musical background. As for the color of the pieces white is the favorite as always elegant and yet timeless. For a modern effect showers are hanging from the ceiling surface where the chrome pipe type panel with a variety of massaging jets or complete enclosure including cabins is in sight. If you have space can afford to place a pedestal tub or pressed. The latter may come with front or not in which case it will require the construction of a small ledge that contains it. There are also multi-output water bath. If the budget dwindles quickly place a cute shower curtain at an early stage and later replace with a tempered glass enclosure with chrome hardware. According to the space you can put sliding or hinged doors. Air and light If the bathroom has no window must necessarily put an exhaust fan. In most cases there is usually a ventilation duct with a small rectangular grid and an extractor at the end of this but often insufficient. To test its proper functioning blow a match and verify that suck the smoke. Lighting should not be overlooked because in some cases can become the focal point of the bathroom remodeling. It is very important that a combination of daylight and another on the mirror sides or for a more subtle effect behind this. Be sure to locate the power points required before placing the wall cladding.

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The switch must be near the door. You can place one twin to light lamps or separately if you use a triple exhaust fan. To connect the hair dryer or shaver should not miss a double outlet. Remember to place it near the sink and away from the tub. Already have a guide with all the necessary steps to carry out the project successfully. It is not easy and takes time and coordination are many contingencies that may arise when bathroom remodels at a complex space. If all these details overwhelm follow my last tip: Forget magazines and call an architect via http://www.jeterbuilt.com.

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