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ENGLCOM E-PORTFOLIO Villena Veeya Reyanna F. ENGLCOM/First Year/N01B De La Salle University - Manila

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December 4 2014 To the readers This transmittal letter is to introduce the requirements in the course English Communication. This E-Portfolio is to show you the works I have accomplished throughout the course. These works are result of the different components that equipped me with the necessary strategies in academic writing. This E-Portolio showcases my entry essay extended definition essay problem-solution essay exit essay reflective essay and media logs. The entry essay is the diagnostic essay that determined my areas for improvement. The extended definition is where I expounded on a particular concept. I dealt with a social issue and thought of ways to remedy it in my problem-solution essay. The exit essay illustrates my improvement from the entry essay and also my learnings throughout the course. I narrated my experiences learnings and thoughts about the course in my reflective essay. Also in the appendix part I shared my three media logs which analyzes various forms of media in relation to any political issue body image and racism. One of the highlights of this E-Portfolio is my extended definition essay which further explained the concept of generation gap. Moreover this essay is the essay that mostly shows and proves how much I have improved throughout the course. My reflective essay is one highlight of this E-Portfolio as well because it talks about my experiences and learnings during English Communication. It lets you know every drop of sweat I have shed to be able to make it through the course. Thank you. Truly yours Veeya Reyanna F. Villena

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ENGCLOM AND PORTFOLIO OBJECTIVES COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course ENGLCOM or ENGLISH COMMUNICATION Writing Component aims to equip freshman students with the necessary academic reading writing and viewing skills needed to become multi-literate and autonomous learners and engaged citizens in the 21st century. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: On completion of the course the students are expected to be able to do the following: • Write an extended definition essay on a relevant topic. • Write a problem-solution/claim-counterclaim essay on any cultural and social issue. • Write a reflective essay about his/her realizations about academic writing and the writing process. • Organize/prepare an e-portfolio that showcases student’s best works. E-PORTFOLIO OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the e-portfolio the student should have been able to: • Collect store and manage written outputs electronically • Develop a sense of authorship • Showcase mastery of various genres and of writing process • Evaluate and reflect on writing performance holistically • Monitor progress • Improve understanding on oneself • Recognize the gaps in one’s current knowledge and skills

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ENTRY ESSAY Sacrificed Lives Every existing country in the world has already experienced various dilemmas ever since the existence of life. Apparently it is inevitable to undergo these certain circumstances. These dilemmas can be considered as challenges or obstacles that basically make them a part of life’s cycle. The Philippines as one of these existing countries encounter several problems or issues that have been given ample attention in order to remedy and improve the lives of people in it. The concept of hazing in fraternities has been and is currently one of the biggest dilemmas the country is facing. Hearts have been shattered minds bombarded and deteriorated because of those unfortunate lives that were sacrificed due to this issue. Others think that being a member of fraternities would lead them to success because of the connections and would also give them safety and protection. We can’t entirely disagree to those stated arguments for there isn’t enough proof yet. But is it really essential to undergo several tortures and trials experience deep wounds and cuts and feel embarrassment before being a part of the group Does a person have to be so tough in order to be a member In my most sincere opinion hazing isn’t a necessary prerequisite to be a part of a fraternity. There are other ways of giving qualifications who wish to join. One can do something for the group take tests or interviews or even offer or give something to them. You don’t need to include blood and wounds for them to pass. Fraternity members consider other members as their family so why would you torture someone who would eventually be a part of your family

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In another perspective if you view a fraternity as a source of protection and connections why contain yourself with only that option Why put your life at stake just to gain those perks The world is full of options. You need to be open-minded to be able to expose yourself to others ideas and choices. You can survive life without being a fraternity member. Being independent can lead you to success. You can give yourself protection by facing your problems and not letting other people take advantage of you Your family is there. Your friends wouldn’t need hazing for you to be called as their friend. Hazing doesn’t bring any good to anyone. It just gives deep wounds drops of blood and in worst cases death. It may provide joy and satisfaction to the master but is that really your source of enjoyment Isn’t there any other source of happiness in life Do lives have to be sacrificed or taken away just to feel wanted and feel that one belongs Think again.

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY The Great Wall One day when I was in school waiting for my next class my mom called me to ask help about operating the computer. I told her the drill slowly and clearly and I got so annoyed because she still did not get it. She said they did not have these kinds of technology during their generation. Then eventually we had misunderstandings which led to a quarrel. Why do people who grew up from different generations often clash during simple conversations about even the simplest of things Obviously there is a huge gap between my mom’s generation and mine. In fact this gap is often the root cause of our arguments. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations between generations have been inevitable issues across the globe. Generation gap has been a popular concept over the years that needs to be fully comprehended by many. Generation gap is defined as the years that separate one generation from another The Free Dictionary 2014. According to Princeton Education 2012 it became a popularized term in Western countries since the 1960s. In fact youth and adults differ in various ways. Aspects such as their interests perspectives and outlooks are clearly distinct to each other. These differences then create the gap between generations Random House Dictionary 2014. Moreover these differences are the common causes for the lack of understanding other’s generations.

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According to McCrindle 2006 there are 5 different generations which are based on the year born Traditionalists Before 1946 Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Generation X 1965-1979 Generation Y or the Millennials 1980-1994 and Generation Z 1995-2009. Traditionalists hold important their families. They see to it that the parents would be the ones who raise their own children. They also value patriotism prefer consistency and remain with one company in a long span of time Allen 2004. Baby Boomers are known to be good in establishing relationships. They value the rights of other people and don’t simply judge on what other people do or go through Rath 1999 Zemke et al 2000. They have high respects to the authority and hierarchy as well Gursoy Thomas Maier and Chi 2007. Generation X balance their work and their personal life Jenkins 2007 Karp et al 2002. But they are known to be very impatient. They believe that everything is just temporary thus they don’t hold on too deeply to something Adam 2000. Generation Y are known as techies for they grew up with drastic technological advances. They are very comfortable and experts when it comes to handling all sorts of technology-related things. Kersten 2002 Niemiec 2000. Though they are good with communicating through technology they lack skills in communicating face to face Fjelstul Breiter 2008. A lot of factors cause gaps between generations. Firstly the mental framework of various generations greatly differs Sarnobat 2011. The values that one generation holds important vary from another generation. The ways they respond or react towards a certain situation also are different from one another. For instance traditionalists value obedience so much. They aim to adhere to the rules established by the superiority may it be their parents or even the government. But people who grew up during Generation X believed that self-reliance is an important way of surviving. Being independent means establishing your own rules which are based on what you think is right and wrong.

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People from this generation started to question the authority and tried to fight for what they think is right Carlson Deloitte Touche 2012. Secondly generations’ interests are far apart from each other. For example 19th century people appreciate classical music while people from the 20th century like pop and rock music. Thirdly the attitudes exemplified by the generations are very distinct from each other Choi Hung Education n.d.. Traditionalists are obedient. Baby Boomers are the optimistic ones. People from Generation X are goal oriented and impatient while Generation Y people are street smarts and sociable persons Carlson Deloitte Touche 2012. Fourthly culture is one of the main reasons that cause the gap between generations. This covers the religion ethnicity social class etc. Usually those aspects tend to grow generation by generation. Gaps between generations result in a fast-paced environment or society Prokerala Kids n.d.. The fact that generation gap inevitably exists among generations greatly affects them in many ways. Different generations tend to build a great wall between their relationships. Since they rarely have something in common both sides think of each other as people who do not belong to their generation thus establishing a wall that blocks communication and understanding between those generations McHugh n.d.. Peace among generations is deteriorated. This is due to their lack of understanding that often causes the clash between them. Lastly abandonment of each other is highly possible Sarnobat 2011. Generation gaps cause a lot of misinterpretations misunderstandings and misconceptions therefore affecting the relationship of the generations. The more they clash the more they become ignorant of each other.

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Though generation gap mostly distances generations it is never too late to create a bridge between them in order to relate and connect with each other. Communication is an important tool in bridging the gap Indian Moms 2000. Generations must take time to observe and understand how and why other generations say and do things. This makes them more open-minded to things which leads to the second way of bridging the gap which is respect. People from different generations must learn how to give respect to the way of living and thinking of other generations. They must avoid making stereotypes and bias judgments against people who grew up from a different generation. Another way is to avoid comparing things between generations. Accept the changes that undergo everyday. Remember that change is inevitable. Trying to adapt to the way of living of the other generations will help in further understanding why they do what they do. Lastly be willing to embrace the culture of other generations Stewart 2013. One must be flexible and open to change to be able to help bridge the gap between generations. Indeed generation gap has become such a controversial issue leading to miscomprehension for so many years. Nevertheless each generation should learn how to respect the ways of living of the other generations. Respecting them means understanding why and how they live and think. Keep in mind that distinction makes one special. Therefore these differences existing within generations make them unique. Generation gap may have created walls between generations but if we try to make a bridge we could learn how to connect and relate to each other despite the differences that exist.

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PROBLEM-SOLUTION ESSAY The Real Struggle Being a college freshman has been a fun experience for me so far. It is like living in different world filled with wonder. But as what we all know everything has some kind of hardship. College on the other hand is a legitimate struggle. It is a combination of stress and bombardment that usually lead to the breakdown of some students. I myself have experienced all sorts of challenges in my first year in college. Sometimes there is so much to do but there’s limited time available. Most of the time I sleep late due to the piled up schoolwork I have in store. I run out of time for leisure. I had to cross out things I usually do such as exercising making song covers and doing chores because in college 24 hours isn’t enough to fit everything that you have to do. Since exercising became a rare task for me to do and that stress and pressure made me go stress-eating I started to gain so much unexpected weight in such a short span of time. In fact studies show that 70 of students gain weight during college O’Connor 2012. And just like me one of struggles that college freshmen go through is this so-called “Freshman Fifteen.” Freshman Fifteen also written as freshman 15 is defined as the average weight gained by students during their first year of college freshman 15 2014. Statistics show that one in four college freshmen gain about an average of 10 to 15 pounds during the first semester Moncur Warner Wengreen 2009. Moreover freshman fifteen makes the transition to college life as a critical period of risk for gaining weight Chang 2009.

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Nowadays maintaining a fit body or a good body figure is an essential thing to most people especially to teens. It has become a social norm that if you are overweight you are not living a normal life Anderson 2007. This is a reason why freshman 15 has been one of the major dilemmas of college freshmen. Aside from the possibility of being overweight freshman 15 can also lead to obesity. This statement makes it a bigger problem for college freshmen making them more conscious and insecure of how they look. Problems don’t just appear out of nowhere. Signs and actions trigger them. There are a lot of reasons why freshman 15 happens or occurs in some college freshmen namely: late night eating lack of exercise and sleep deprivation Janeway 2014. Late night eating can lead to the problem of gaining unwanted weight. Studies show that most people would satisfy their cravings at night. These cravings are commonly high-calorie food which are difficult to digest during nighttime. Eating late at night can lead to twice as much weight gain Zelman 2014. Another way of gaining weight is the lack of exercise. If you put in more energy in your body than releasing energy there’s a greater chance of gaining weight Gibbons 2012. Sleep deprivation causes weight gain as well. This is interconnected with the first two causes. Not having enough sleep makes students too exhausted to exercise thus having a less possibility of being fit. Also being awake for so long leads to a greater possibility of eating more and more due to the need of more energy to do necessary tasks Malhotra 2006.

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As we all know all problems have their own solutions. Every obstacle can be surpassed no matter how difficult it is to get through. Yes freshman 15 is a legitimate struggle but it is never too late to remedy this dilemma. College students can do several things to avoid weight gain. These include: keeping track of healthy snacks drinking water staying active eating regular meals and getting enough sleep O’Connor 2012. Students should be mindful of what they eat. They should always make sure to eat something healthy everyday Ace 2014. Secondly they should always drink water. Avoiding alcoholic beverages and flavored drinks that have too many calories can help them avoid weight gain. Thirdly being physically active will help them lose some pounds over time. Walk when it is possible. Work out when you have spare time. Fourthly avoid skipping meals Chau 2013. Skipping will just lead to overeating thus gaining more weight. Eat regularly and healthily. Lastly try getting enough sleep. This will help control your appetite and metabolism. Indeed freshman fifteen has brought a lot of dilemmas to college students over the years. But then again dilemmas are just temporary. You know what they say “If there’s a will there’s a way.” So if you really want to stay fit and healthy you will find a way to achieve that goal. Moreover appreciating your body is one way of accepting yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel insecure about yourself. Weight can be lost. And as what Pope Paul IV said “All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy selfish and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.” We have to work hard to achieve our goals in life. So if you want to overcome freshman 15 you must persevere to surpass it.

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Top ten tips to avoid the “freshmen 15.” 2014. Ace. Retrieved from: http://www.acefitness.org/ acefit/fitness-programs-article/2812/ACEFit-workout-advice-and-exercise-tips/ Zelman K. 2014. Diet truth or myth: eating at night causes weight gain. Web MD. Retrieved from: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/diet-truth-myth-eating-night-causes-weight -gain

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EXIT ESSAY Game of Chance While I was studying and eating in a coffee shop I overheard a conversation between two men who seemed like fresh college graduates. The other man was opening up to his friend about his difficulty of finding a job. He said that there are only limited jobs or positions open which best suit his earned college degree. Moreover there were plenty of them applying for the same job which made it more difficult for him to get the job. After which his friend gave him tips and pieces of advice in order to somehow help him find a new job and at the same time to comfort him as well. Why do college graduates find it difficult to find new jobs Not only that why do some middle-aged people still go through a hard time finding jobs Our country has been facing a lot of problems and issues over the years. One of these problems is unemployment. Unemployment is generally rooted from insufficient job creation bankruptcy of companies and advancement of technology. One of the reasons why the unemployment rate of the Philippines increases is the lack of jobs available in the country Arangkada Philippines n.d.. Year by year the human population grows therefore more and more jobs are needed to be able to attend to the needs of the growing population. Aside from the growing population there is an insufficient quantity of investors and businesses in the country to offer and provide enough jobs for unemployed citizens. Furthermore most of the knowledge and skills gained by those unemployed people are often wasted because they are not able to exercise it due to the unavailability of jobs in the country.

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Bankruptcy of companies also cause the increasing rate of unemployment in the country Woods n.d.. Usually when a company is close to getting bankrupt it closes a lot of positions to lessen its expenses. What is worse is when the company does get bankrupt they are forced to close down their business which then corresponds to the loss of thousands of jobs. This then sacrifices a lot of employees thus contributing to the increasing rate of unemployment. Although the advancement of technology makes a lot of lives easier it has a negative effect on the part of employees and their jobs. Technology creates breakthroughs by the inventions of robots and machines. We all know that these machines and robots are of big help to us especially in performing processes and tasks that take a long time for us to do. But these inventions sacrifice a lot of jobs as well as they replace some of the jobs that were meant for humans Amadeo n.d.. Technology may be making our lives easier but it also makes the lives of some employees difficult as well. Indeed there are a lot of factors that cause unemployment. But as we all know it is never too late to solve this problem. The government could find ways to attract investors and create more businesses that would offer more jobs. As to our part we should strive harder to achieve our so-called dream jobs. Remember what Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” So we should think outside of the box dig deeper and try our best to help decrease the rate of unemployment in our country.

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Sources: Amadeo K. n.d.. Readers respond: what causes unemployment Retrieved December 2 2014 from About.com website: http://useconomy.about.com/u/ua/economic indicators/unemployment-survive.htm Woods C. n.d.. What is unemployment - definition causes effects. Retrieved December 2 2014 from Educational Portal Website: http://education-portal.com/academy/ lesson/what-is-unemployment-definition-causes-effects.htmllesson Arangkada Philippines. n.d.. Inadequate skills + insufficient jobs high unemployment/ underemployment. Retrieved December 2 2014 from Arangkada Philippines Website: http://www.investphilippines.info/arangkada/growth/inadequate-skills- insufficient-jobs-high/

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY The Long yet Fulfilling Journey “Practice makes perfect.” “Try and try until you succeed.” These quotations may be too cliché for us but they are undeniably true. A person can indeed improve a lot if he/she practices and tries his/her best to be better in a certain skill sport talent or whatever aspect he/she can think of. I myself have been through a lot of practices pens and yellow pads in order to be better in essay writing. ENGLCOM has helped me go beyond my abilities in academic reading and writing. I have never been a fan of writing essays. In fact I consider it as one of my waterloos in life. I find it difficult to conceptualize and put my ideas together to explain what I really mean. Pressure caused by the knowledge of having to write an essay usually blocks my mind making it more difficult for me to say what I want to say. But then ENGLCOM exercising my mind by continuously giving us essays to write made me less pressured in building up my ideas. Moreover the course made me realize a lot of things about academic writing. There is one misconception on academic writing that was clarified after I took ENGLCOM - Longer papers are better essays. But ENGLCOM proved me wrong. Both of my professors always tell us to keep it simple. You don’t need a lot of flowering words in order to make an impact to your readers. In fact readers will appreciate it more if a writer uses words they would easily understand. For instance in my entry essay I wrote a lengthy thesis statement. Then my professor Dr. Barrot told me that it could be narrowed down even more. I admit comparing my original thesis statement with my revised one made me believe that the simpler the sentences the better. I understood the revised one more because it was shorter and clearer.

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Our major papers the extended definition and argumentative essays are what I consider the real struggles of this course. They were indeed difficult papers for me to write. In my extended definition essay I found it difficult to think of a good topic to write about. I passed more than 20 topics before I finally got an approved one — generation gap. Finding sources to deeply define my topic was a struggle too. There are so many sources available but not most of them are reliable enough. I patiently read each source I found and tried to iron out the important information I needed to get. With enough patience and perseverance I sorted out the information successfully and had enough too to be able to construct 5 strategic paragraphs to further define my topic. Moving on to my argumentative essay finding a topic was difficult too. Our topic was limited to a social issue that should be related to our course program BS Biology. After a lot of contemplating and researching I also found a good topic — Freshman 15. Writing this essay was somehow easier than the extended definition because there were a lot of reliable sources. Moreover I can really relate to the topic I chose because I myself have been undergoing the Freshman 15 dilemma as well. Yes I encountered difficulties in writing our major papers but that didn’t stop me from trying my best to make a very influential paper. I know that these obstacles are inevitable that is why I used them as my motivation to do better and improve on something I am not good at. I was never that organized in writing my essays. Before I just think about sentences that would interconnect with each other and then I write them down on the paper. But after ENGLCOM I learned a better way to organize my thoughts and that is by making an outline beforehand. It made my life a whole lot easier. This also helped me to further connect sentences and paragraphs with each other. I learned about the most essential parts of an essay. I improved in constructing my thesis statements topic sentences transition statements attention getters and their supporting details as well. To be honest my entry essay was really a mess.

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There was not a thesis statement. Moreover my sentences were not organized well. But I applied to my exit essay everything that I have learned in ENGLCOM. I applied the sandwich effect to make my essay more appealing to the readers. I really am thankful for the lessons I have learned because now I know how make right and influential essays. I imagine ENGLCOM as one tough journey in life. It is filled with a lot of challenges that you need to overcome in order to succeed and proceed to the next level. The required essays are the obstacles you need to surpass. The revisions are the bittersweet moments you go through. The scores you get are the sweet victories you achieved after the journey. I can say that I have achieved the course’s objectives pretty well. I did my best applied all the lessons I have learned and I think those are enough to say that I made it. Again it was all worth it. Indeed ENGLCOM has helped me in exploring beyond my comfort zone in academic reading and writing. It was a long and fulfilling journey for me. And I am glad that I overcame one of my waterloos in life. As what Victor Hugo stated “Perseverance is the secret of all triumphs.”

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APPENDIX Media Log 1: The Family and Media Media has created a big impact on children over the years. In fact the children of this generation are greatly affected compared to the previous generations. They have been so exposed to media due to the technologies surrounding them. Nowadays children would even choose a computer game rather than a physical activity. Braeuner 2014 states in her article “Influence of Media on Child Conduct and Behavior” that even parents can’t escape the effect media has on their children. Since media is inevitable parents must understand and learn how to use it to their advantage in order to bring out the best in their children. Recently media has been affecting a child’s violence behavior and education. Violent television programs watched by children made them more violent after being exposed to those shows. Children are prone to imitating what they watch which is why they became more violent after watching something violent. The same effect goes with their behavior. The more children watch television or play video games the less they participate in active play. This situation makes them more prone to obesity and depression. Nevertheless media has it’s brighter side. It is more recommended that children should be exposed to good television since they imitate what they see. Media could be used as their education to be better people.

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Media is everywhere. Therefore it is inevitable for children to be exposed in it. This is why parents should learn how to use it to their advantage in shaping their children. Parents act as moral guideposts to their children. They should be role models to their children since these children lookup to their parents. Also parents should constitute the five C’s introduced by the Children’s Hospital of Boston: control the span of time children spend on media choose a type of media that epitomizes the values they hold important understand the context that children use in media critically think about what the children watch and create a sense of mastery of the media. Media is not in control of the family. Thus parents have the power to control how media affects the whole family especially their children. They should bond more with their children get to know them and create a closer bond with them so that they would keep in touch. The closer the family the better the easier it is to reach out to them. Indeed media greatly affects children in so many ways. It is undeniably unavoidable to be surrounded by media. However this gives people a huge responsibility in handling the exposure to media. People should know their limitations in order to stay on the right track. Media may affect children but this is a challenge for the parents to enable them to mold their children into better persons. Source: Braeuner S. 2014. Influence of media on child conduct and behavior. Demand Media. Retrieved from: http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/ influence-media-child-conduct-behavior-7293.html

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Media Log 2: Perfect Imperfections “The human body is the best work of art.” This is what Scott 2011 states in his book entitled “The Other Side of Life.” All people are gifted with unique features. These features are the things that make every person special. Though the quotation above is believed by most people body image still causes a lot of consciousness to everyone especially to women. What is considered to be as the “ideal body” has been a bombarding issue to women of all ages due to all sorts of images seen in the media. Body image has been so controversial that insecurities among women across the globe give them desperation and depression. Thinness is idealized and expected for women to be considered “attractive” Serdar 2004. Magazine advertisements have a big impact on how women internalize the thin- beauty standard. They are a potent source of images of women that are considered to be as “ideal women.” Usually magazines paint this vision that the “ideal woman” is someone who is a tall white and thin woman with a tubular body Dittmar Howard 2004 Lin Kulik 2002 Polivy Herman 2004 Sands Wardle 2003 Schooler Ward Merriwether Caruthers 2004 Tiggemann Slater 2003. Since most magazine advertisements have these images of women who achieve these unrealistic standards they make it seem that it is normal for women to live up to this expectation. Serdar 2004 states in her article “Female Body Image and the Mass Media: Perspectives on How Women Internalize the Ideal Beauty Standard” that these magazines are generally distributed to markets to help women “better themselves” by providing information and products that are supposed to make them look and feel better about themselves. Magazines provide pieces of advice that women read hoping that if they use these as their guide they will be more acceptable and pleasing to the eyes of many.

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Though these advertisements provide aid to a lot of women studies show that magazines have increased the levels of depression stress shame guilt and insecurity among women Stice Schupak-Neuberg Shaw Stein 1994. The whole industry is built on “You’re not OK the way you are. We’ll make you better.” Anderson 2007. Television commercials years ago would be about how to gain weight but nowadays almost all commercials are about how to lose pounds and to maintain a sexier figure. Television advertisements promote to their audience one message: The thinner younger and sexier you are the better. Since the television influences how the viewers think producing those kind of commercials would greatly affect their thoughts regarding what an ideal body is. Many of the models shown on television advertisements are estimated to be 20 below the ideal body weight thus meeting the diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa Dittmar Howard 2004. Females exposed to these advertisements are proved to be having eating disorders. Moreover certain types of programming seem to elicit higher levels of body discontentment in females. Trailing back to Serdar’s article last 2004 entitled “Female Body Image and the Mass Media: Perspectives on How Women Internalize the Ideal Beauty Standard” theories have been mentioned in this article providing a possible framework for how images in the media are internalized and translated into body dissatisfaction in many females. These theories are the social comparison theory cultivation and self-schema theory.

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The social comparison theory examines how individuals evaluate themselves in connection to their peers groups and/or social categories Milkie 1999. Moreover people compare themselves on different dimensions with other individuals who are similar to them. The theory suggests that a person will usually evaluate themselves to someone who is either better or worse than them. Studies show that most people who compare themselves to someone who is better than them have depression issues. This case frequently happens to women who tend to compare themselves to the models they see on all kinds of advertisements. Another theory providing a possible framework regarding a woman’s body dissatisfaction is the cultivation theory. This theory argues that images that portray women who match the sociocultural ideal of beauty are extremely prevalent in popular media and that repetitive exposure to such images influences women’s abilities to understand that such standards are unrealistic. Much exposure to this unrealistic standard makes women have a cumulative effect over time to view this standard of beauty as “reality.” Since many women come to view ultra-thin females to be “normal” they would think that anyone who does not live up to this ideal is “abnormal” Schooler et al. 2004 Tiggemann 2003. Women use three points of reference to construct their perceptions about their own physical appearance: the socially represented ideal body the objective body and the internalized ideal body. This is the basis of the self-schema theory. The portrayals of women by the media fall under the socially represented ideal body. In addition this comes from what an individual believes is expected by the society in terms of physical appearance. A person’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction with aspects of their physical appearance are contained within the objective body. An individual would always have some opinion on what they think the ideal body is. The internalized ideal body involves the level at which an individual endorses the ideal image and aspires to achieve it. Sands Wardle 2003.

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Indeed body image has affected the minds of women. They became so insecure about their physical attributes that they forget to take care of their health. We should be proud of who we are of what we are. We are all unique in our own little way so we should learn how to appreciate ourselves because that uniqueness is what makes us special. As what Amy Bloom says “You are imperfect permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” Sources: Anderson T. 2007. Why do we struggle with beauty and body image Biola’s Magazine Retrieved from: http://magazine.biola.edu/article/07-fall/why-do-we-struggle-with -beauty-and-body-image/ Hitz S. n.d.. Media’s impact on girls’ body image. MediaTalk101. Retrieved from: http:// www.mediatalk101.org/index.php/articles-by-shelley-hitz/media-s-impact-on-girls- body-image.html Serdar K.L. n.d.. Female body image and the mass media: perspectives on how women internalize the ideal beauty standard. West Minister. Retrieved from: http:// www.westministercollege.edu/myriad/index.cfmparentdetail4475 content4795

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Media Log 3: Equal in Every Way “If we were to select the most intelligent imaginative energetic and emotionally stable third of mankind all races would be present.” It was Franz Boas who said these words years ago. I agree with his statement. All people all races qualify to be the most intelligent or even the most imaginative people. We are all equal. Although most of us would agree to the statement quoted above inequality among races are still noticeable. It is still one of the major problems in the society. Nowadays stereotypes and bias judgments are controversial issues. Gendered race reveals unexpected ways in which stereotypes affect personal and professional decisions. An article from the Columbia Business School 2012 states in her article entitled “Gender and Race: How Overlapping Stereotypes Affect Our Personal and Professional Decisions” that stereotypes are often established due to people’s perception of races with respect to gender. Furthermore a study conducted by Galinsky Hall and Cuddy tested if race was really gendered. According to the results of the study most people would look at the blacks as the most masculine race followed by the whites and lastly the Asians. This stereotype leads to the perception that black people are scarier than white people. It could also be one of the reasons why most people think that black people have a greater tendency to commit crimes more than white people. Moreover gendered race affects the leadership selection and athletic participation. Since Asians are considered to be stereotyped as the most feminine they are more likely to be chosen as leaders for their femininity. On the other hand blacks are to be chosen for physical activities such as sports.

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Aside from the obvious wall between the blacks the whites and the Asians there is also an evident gap between men and women. An article entitled “The Impact of Racism on Women” from Bahai 2001 states that women across the globe find themselves greatly disadvantaged in the socially stratified world by the never-ending discrimination. As a common stereotype women appear to belong in an oppressed group inferior to what we all know as men. Women are usually treated as underdogs to men. They weren’t allowed to be educated before because according to the traditional decrees girl children are not “worth” educating. Moreover they only live to serve men and stay in their homes. They are even more prone to being victims of violence such as trafficking exploitation of women laborers etc. Women are so belittled by the society that they find it difficult to exercise their rights as humans. Racism is generally caused by a lot of reasons. Xenophobia the fear of people who are different could be one of the reasons why racism exists. Basically being different is perceived by a lot of people as a negative factor making them not able to fit in or to belong in this world. Ignorance of other cultures religions and values also build up the thought of racism. There is a lack of respect between races. People become so ignorant of how they think and act that they don’t know how these little things can become big things that can affect various aspects. Indeed racism creates basic social divisions and inequality among nations. We should learn how to stop believing in that one person defines a whole race. All people are different. Know how to be more of a keen observer and less of a judgmental person. We are all equal despite those existing differences. This is why we should know how to remedy these stereotypes and bias judgments before they get even worse. As what Rosa Park says “Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet and hopefully we shall overcome.”

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Sources: Bahá’í Internation Community 2001 March. The impact of racism on women. Statement Library. Retrieved December 2 2014 from http://statements.bahai.org/01-0108.htm Boas F. n.d.. BrainyQuote.com. Retrieved December 2 2014 from BrainyQuote.com Web site: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/f/franzboas212879.html Columbia Business School. 2012 December 3. Gender and race: How overlapping stereotypes affect our personal and professional decisions. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 2 2014 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/12 /121203131702.htm Parks R. n.d.. GoodReads.com. Retrieved December 2 2014 from GoodReads.com Website: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/219975-racism-is-still-with-us-but -it-is-up-to

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Veeya Reyanna F. Villena better known as Yanna was born on the 28th of March 1997 in Manila Philippines. She graduated from the Elizabeth Seton School-Main last March 2014 and is now a college freshman taking up BS Biology at the De La Salle University-Manila. She is the eldest of the 3 daughters of Vidal and Rowena Villena. This E-Portfolio showcases her works and academic writing development throughout her English Communication course. AUTHOR’S BIONOTE

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