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Text placeholder Knee being a largest joint in the human body it bears yours complete body weight and performs various functions like supporting body weight and also act as shock absorber for the body. For those who have knee pain which is creating problems to perform day to day activity knee replacement would come as a lifesaver. The medical term used for knee replacement is knee arthroplasty. The aim of of knee replacement is to restore pain- free function or movement of knee. Know more about knee replacement option what to expect and what to ask your orthopedic surgeon. INTRODUCTION

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Text placeholder Doctor might suggest for a knee replacement when you are facing problem to perform day to day activity because of your knee pain. You might have to consider for a knee replacement when you have pain or stiffness that is interfering in day to day activity such as walking or getting out of the chair or even while you rest or during the night. You need to keep your doctor informed about various other treatment and medications that you have gone through before getting recommended for a surgery. Knee replacement is for those whose life is getting interfered by knee pain

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Text placeholder In majority of the scenario total replacements is performed where the complete knee joint is removed and in some scenarios partial replacement is recommended where only one of the three knee compartments are replaced. Knee replacement comes in various types which include cemented and uncemented implants and both the types has its own pros and cons. Therefore it is necessary to get an expert advice from the doctor for which knee replacement procedure you would have to undergo. And it is also necessary to ask the doctor about the brand that he or she uses for the surgery and the results that they achieved by using those brands and material. Types of knee replacement

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Text placeholder Majority of the knee replacement would perform better even 15years after surgery. By maintaining a healthy weight you can prolong the life span of your artificial knee and if the body is found to have over weight there is a major chances of joint failure. It is necessary to regularly exercise to strengthen and stabilize your knee and avoid falls. Artificial knee lasts for about 15 years

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Text placeholder Nowadays doctors perform minimally invasive version of knee replacement than the traditional method of open knee surgery. In both the cases knee replacement is major surgery. Recovery time for minimally invasive surgery would be minimum as the procedure would be done using several button hole-sized incisions than the open procedure which would need a large incision. Everyone would not be qualified to perform these kind of procedure. Knee Replacement Surgery Can Be Minimally Invasive

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Text placeholder Majority of the knee replacement are highly successful but there are some risks associated with them like blood clots bleeding infection loosening of the new joint continued knee pain and dislocation. Doctors prescribe blood thinners— anticoagulants to be taken for several weeks after surgery so that blood clots can be avoided. It is also necessary to regularly exercise to strengthen your legs as it would protect your knees. Majority of Knee Replacements Are Successful

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Text placeholder After the procedure is completed it is necessary to stay in the hospital for several days as the recovery would be followed up with several weeks of physical therapy and rehabilitation. This would help in improvement of mobility and joint functions. For some people it is advised for them to stay for a shorter period in the rehabilitation. Recovery would take up to three months. You have to talk to your doctor and find out what you can expect based upon the kind and type of knee replacement. Several Weeks of Physical Therapy is Necessary

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Text placeholder In the process of recovery in your house it is necessary for you to prevent fall and arrange things so that you can take care of your day to day activities without hurting your knees. It is good to consider having safety bars in your shower and toilet area. It is good to have raised toilet seat and shower bench. It is also good to consider having shower hose or use a handled sponge to bathe. Make sure to have stair railings which are stable and take up area rugs during recovery. You can even request your doctor for a home consultation to help you. Preparing Your Home Will Make Things Easier

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Text placeholder It would be hard to remember your life before having knee problems. The objective of the knee replacement is to get you back as you were before. Initially you would feel uncomfortable and you may feel stiff when compared to having natural knee joints and often may hear clicking sound when bending the knees. With the help of physical therapy majority of them would return to pain free normal activity life. Doctors would usually recommend to avoid running and other high- impact activity or sports. Slowly you can start activities such as walking biking swimming and other low-impact sports and activities. You May Have to Switch to Low- Impact Activities

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