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Find out what's inside an egg, how many eggs hens lay


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About Chicken Eggs:

About Chicken Eggs Created by Rev. Penny Hibbitts May 04, 2011

Structure of the Egg:

Structure of the Egg Hens lay eggs. Roosters do not. Hard shell on the outside that offers some protection Inside hard shell is the yolk and the white M embranes separate different parts of the egg

The Ovum:

The Ovum Inside the Egg is a living cell White substance S mall as a pin head Will not develop unless fertilized by a rooster

The Yolk:

The Yolk Dark yellow or light orange color Center of the egg Provides stored food for the developing embryo and fetus

Egg White (Albumen):

Egg White (Albumen) Comprised of water and dissolved protein Keeps embryo moist Provides cushion as eggs are turned periodically during incubation

Hens Lay One Egg Per Day:

Hens Lay One Egg Per Day

Baby Chicks are Hatched From Eggs:

Baby Chicks are Hatched From Eggs

Chicken Heaven on Earth

Chicken Heaven on Earth Rev. Penny Hibbitts


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