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According to the Toast 2016 Restaurant Technology Report, 79% of diners agree that restaurant based technologies enhance their dining experience.You can attract customer without incurring much cost with the help of digital menu boards.So, level up your restaurant’s revenue through New Technology. for more information click on:- http://www.restroapp.com/


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AUTOMATE THE FOOD SAFETY PROCESS Include food safety solution to deliver a better customer experience. Also eliminate paper-based processes and automate it to enhance food safety level. With the right technology in place you can gain complete visibility and control over your food safety standards and processes. You can automate the safety procedures monitor the operations and process and optimize the cost.

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SIMPLIFY PAYMENTS As per the Toast 2016 reports 68 of diners agree that the option to pay at the table technology has improved their experience. Pay at the table technology is gaining popularity among restaurants of numerous types and sizes.   It helps in reducing the time and effort of the server in back and forth to the POS terminal.From a customer point of view it provides them a sense of security that their credit card or banking information is secured and under their control plus they have the choice to use the payment method of their preference like Apple Pay.

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You can optimize your kitchen’s productivity by implementing Kitchen Display or Assessment Systems KDS/KAS. It enables your operators to make an informed decision on staffing line optimization and managing and setting customer expectation in terms of the service and quality. OPTIMIZE KITCHEN PRODUCTIVITY

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You can attract customer without incurring much cost with the help of digital menu boards. It enables you to change menu items its prices and also helps in promoting special events today’s special discounts and so on. It is green restaurant technologies that help in promotion and reduces the customers’ perceived waiting time. CUSTOMER ATTRACTION

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Customer retention is always cheaper than customer acquisition. So have effective customer loyalty program in place. You can have an option of loyalty points where the customer will accumulate points based on their billing amount every time they visit your restaurant after reaching a certain limit they can redeem those points in the form of discount or cashback.  CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMS

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Thus in order to streamline your business lower wastage and enhanced customer experience you can use online ordering app that has all of the above 5 restaurant equipment. However if you want to have a customized restaurant technology that will enable you to manage and maintain your front-end and back-end process or a specific process you can any time reach out with your queries and concerns to the R e s t r o A p p team. Our dedicated team of developers works efficiently in giving your customers the best mobile experience of your restaurant. Just drop us a line at i n f o r e s t r o a p p . c o m and we will reach out to you instantly. © C O P Y R I G H T 2 0 1 8 R E S T R O A P P