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Portable Diesel Generator:

Portable Diesel Generator I want to place a manual transfer switch in between the power from the city and my service Panel. is there a switch out there that gives you the two options of either on or aux? I do not want a fancy automatic switch. I just bought a generac xp8000e. Where can i find the manual switch and the box I need to mount on the side of the house? I have looked at Lowe’s and home depot. Thanks

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yes…you need what they call a transfer switch. we had an electrician install ours, he had to attache it to the meter box and run new cables from the meter to the new switch. then from the switch to the main panel in the basement it has a weather proof outlet to plug the cable in that goes to the generator. the whole box is about 18″ x 12″. there is a throw switch on the side, handle up it is on power from the pole, in the middle is neutral, handle down is for power from the generator. check with any local electrical supply company if you are going to do it yourself. here’s one they have at Home Depot.

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While diesel engines have become quieter, there is still some noise involved and if you're going to use it for camping, you might find that it ruins the mood a little bit. If you get a seriously long extension cord, then you can set your diesel power generator off in the distance to cut down on the noise. With diesel generators you'll find either air cooled or liquid cooled models. The most important difference is that an air cooled portable diesel unit should be used as a backup and is probably more appropriate for these mobile applications in many cases. A liquid cooled model might cost a little bit more money but will be more useful for situations where you want a diesel portable generator that will need to run for a long time.

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Generators are perhaps some of the most useful inventions of man. Like modern technology, they have advanced sufficiently enough that their applications have become virtually limitless. Their use has grown beyond being just mere backup power supplies for homes in case of power outages or blackouts. These days, like many of our equipment and machines, reliability, durability and portability has become the name of the game for many electrical generator manufacturers

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Generators engines come in different types based on what type of fuels they require to run them. The most common ones are gas generators and diesel generators. While both of these types of generators are dependable in terms of performance and are basically similar in usefulness as home backup power source or as portable power source, portable diesel engines appears to have evolved into a better machine.