Cocaine Addiction Treatment Guide

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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Guide:

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Guide In case you missed The Oprah Winfrey Show the other day, Dr. Mehmet Oz was on the show talking about Americans being addicted to prescription medications.  The show was primarily about pain-relieving, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant related medications; those being the primary drugs that people get addicted to. It was an intense show and although I know that Americans take too many prescriptions, I wasn’t prepared for the statistics.  The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) reports that more Americans are addicted to prescription drugs than heroin, cocaine and ecstasy COMBINED!  They report that over 6 million people are addicted to prescriptions.  YIKES!  Those are staggering numbers.

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There are many individuals in the Dallas area that need help with addiction. In 2007, over 4,200 persons sought after treatment for methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine abuse. The first step anyone can take in getting help is finding a program that will be the perfect match for them. Narconon Arrowhead drug rehabilitation and education program offers 24 hours a day care and help tools to lead a person into a drug free and productive life. Narconon Arrowhead’s inpatient program is one of the most successful programs in the nation with a success rate of over 70% of those who graduate the program. Teaching people how to re-enter society and start building a life again with out drugs and alcohol is not always an easy task. The staff at Narconon Arrowhead is dedicated 100% to helping addicts recover from their addictions no matter how long it takes.

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When a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol they forget how to interact with society and they need to learn new tools to help them overcome these obstacles. Outpatient rehab is offered in Dallas to help those in need but, does it work for everyone? No, most addicts need long term inpatient rehab to help them overcome their addiction. Though outpatient rehab may work for some the success rate for keeping the addict drug and alcohol free is not as high as an inpatient program. The reason being is that the addict is still able to remain in the same environment while doing an outpatient program and can still have access to drugs and alcohol during treatment.

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Searching for effective treatment can be time consuming, living a lifetime of drug abuse is even worse; not only for the addict but, for their friends and family. The drug problem in Dallas Texas is all of our responsibility and every person in the community is affected by a person’s drug and alcohol addiction. Whether you are a child with an addicted parent or a parent with an addicted child help is needed. Outpatient drug rehab offers many solutions for those in need of immediate help but should never take the place of an inpatient rehab program. Finding a program that can help you clean up your body and your mind will be the most rewarding for you and those you love.

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If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and are searching for outpatient drug rehab in Dallas Texas, call Narconon Arrowhead today. Narconon Arrowhead is one of the world’s largest and most effective inpatient drug rehabilitation and education programs with a success rate of over 70% of those who graduate. Narconon Arrowhead offers free addiction counseling, free assessments, and referrals to the residents in Dallas Texas.

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Alcohol poisoning is something that occurs to thousands of people in Us alone, the latest studies show that around 50,000 people go through alcohol poisoning a year, and the numbers are just increasing. This is terrible, as alcohol poisoning has serious effects in our physical and mental health, and can even cause death. It is important to mention that alcohol poisoning is different than “passing out”, the main difference is that when you are poisoned by alcohol, you are unable to wake u, even with the help of other people.

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The worst effects f alcohol occurs on the brain, since you basically enter a comatose state. This triggers the loss of a lot of brain cells. Many people, after an alcohol poisoning incident, claim that their memory is affected, now they are unable to recall things – that is a sadly common effect you can see in Emergency rooms.

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Why do you enter this comatose state? Well, because you’ve ingested more alcohol than you can process. You see, our body needs to get rid of alcohol and process it or else it will shut you down. If you notice the effects of alcohol poisoning in someone, you must immediately call 911, or else the most serious effect could come in: death. It is estimated that in America, one people die each week from alcohol poisoning. The good news is that all these effects can be prevented! It all comes down to moderation and education. The tragedies can be avoided if we know how bad it can be binge drink.

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You need to do more and more cocaine to achieve the high you desire, therefore building dependency. Paranoia, insomnia and both a mental and physical crash are side effects. Withdrawals are not that bad as you sleep alot because you’ve been awake quite a while. Personally, they never lasted longer than 2 days. You can overdose on cocaine. Snorting is the most used method but you can also smoke or inject it.

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Cocaine in any form is a class A Drug. It is illegal to produce supply or possess it. In the United Kingdom, cocaine and crack are considered class A drugs under 1971 misuse of drugs act. Possession The of The the drugs can result in a fine and a prison term of up to 7 years. Supplying, or selling, either form of cocaine can lead to a lifetime prison sentence.