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C106 Introduction to Computers: 

C106 Introduction to Computers by Katie Renn Summer 2005


Word Although I have used word before, I did learn some things to improve my presentation. I learned about how to create a resume, how to apply themes, and how to merge two documents together. Example


Excel Excel has taught me how to make charts, and how to easily calculate numbers and prices. I will be able to use this in my future business. Example


Access I found that Access was much like Excel. It did allow me to make graphs and charts, and I learned how to import from Excel. I still would say that I prefer Excel. Example


PowerPoint PowerPoint has taught me how to present an idea through slides in a way that is both entertaining and constructive. Example

Webpage Design: 

Webpage Design I learned a lot with webpage design. I had never done anything like it, so it was all new to me. I learned how to place the document on the internet, and how to link each page together. Example

Chapter 1,2,& 3: 

Chapter 1,2,& 3 Introduction To Computers I learned different uses for computers, and about the different kinds of software. The Internet & World Wide Web I learned about different access providers, and how to search the different types of web pages for info. Application Software I learned about the different types of business software.

Chapter 4,5,& 6: 

Chapter 4,5,& 6 The Components of the System Unit I learned about the different processors, and how to store information on the many different types of memory. Input I learned about the various types of input devices. (PDA’s, Tablet PC’s, smart phones…) Output I learned about the different kinds of output devices. (printers, faxes, LCD monitors…)

Chapter 7 & 8: 

Chapter 7 & 8 Storage I learned the characteristics and used of storage devices such as zip disk, floppy disks, and CD/DVD ROM’s. Operating Systems and Utility Programs I learned about operating systems and their features, and about the different stand-alone operating systems.

Chapter 9 &10: 

Chapter 9 &10 Communications and Networks I learned about different communication devices and their uses, and about the advantages of using a network. Database Management I leaned about the different types of database systems, and how they work.

Chapter 11,12,& 14: 

Chapter 11,12,& 14 Computers & Society, Security, Privacy, and Ethics I learned about Safeguards against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and theft. I also learned about the work related injuries. Information System Development I learned what happens during each phase of the system development cycle. Enterprise Computing I learned the importance of computer security and backup.

All About Me : 

All About Me

About Me: 

About Me My name is Katie Renn. I am 19 years old and in my sophomore year here at IUS. I plan to major in graphic design, and minor in business.


Jobs Over the summer I work at Camille Wright swimming pool. Last school year I worked at Personality Portraits. I was a digital tech, but I also took photos. This school year I work at Target as a casher.


Hobbies Dance I have taken dance lessons for nine years and still enjoy practicing every chance I get.

Hobbies Continued: 

Hobbies Continued Drawing I like to make up draw almost everything. My favorite is people. I have even sold a few portraits.

Hobbies Continued: 

Hobbies Continued Photography I love to take pictures. Here is an example of a senior portrait that I have taken.


Family I live with both parents, Bruce and Carla. I also have a 16 year old brother.




Career I plan on opening my own photography studio. I have already started taking senior photos, and a few other things.

Contact Information: 

Contact Information Katie Renn [email protected] IUS Webpage

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