Clean Your Black Money Using SSD Chemical Solution Products

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It is the time to take care of all your odd looking notes with SSD Automatic chemical that has proven to be a great solution in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and other continents around the world.


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Rectro Laboratory :

Rectro Laboratory A Leading S upplier of C hemical S olution P roducts Website : Call Us @+380 732 088559

About Us:

About Us Rectro Laboratory is a leading supplier of SSD supreme chemical solution products in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and other continents around the world . We are high-quality manufacturers, formulate and globally distribute specialty chemicals.

Why Us:

Why Us Rectro Laboratory and Defacing Chemical Company Inc. is a multi-program international company operated by worldwide Science Associates for the U.S. Department of Currency (SADOC ).

Our Products:

Our Products Anti-V- Activation Powder CCC Spray Fluid PK58 CS Vectrol Paste S4 Red Liquid Mercury Silver Mercury SSD Automatic Chemical White Liquid Mercury And many more chemical solution….

Anti-V- Activation Powder:

Anti-V- Activation Powder Anti V- Activation powder refers to one of the SSD products which is been pure and rob all over damaged notes or bills like USD and blacks EURO , POUNDS to amend them.

CCC Spray Fluid PK58:

CCC Spray Fluid PK58 CCC spray fluid PK58 is a solid-liquid fluid which is purposely used to separate the sachet currencies black or defaced notes after a cleaning is done or before the cleaning.

CS Vectrol Paste S4:

CS Vectrol Paste S4 CS Vectrol paste S4 is solid type of SSD product Which use is to remove the chemical smell on the notes after cleaning is done.

Red Liquid Mercury:

Red Liquid Mercury We're a Premium wholesaler & Retailer of Pure Red Mercury Online. We supply Pure Red Liquid Mercury of great quality. It is high grade & perfectly composed Pure Red Liquid Mercury.

Silver Mercury:

Silver Mercury Rectro Laboratory is pioneer in supplying pure silver mercury, which is the highest quality mercury available in the world market today. Our product not only matches the standard of purity and efficiency but also pleases the buyers with its reasonable price tag.

SSD Automatic Chemical:

SSD Automatic Chemical SSD Automatic chemical is used to clean black Money and deface Bank Note as well as for the cleaning of the currency.

De-Icing Compound Powder:

De-Icing Compound Powder SSD De-Icing Compound Powder is Used to make sure the cleaning chemical cleans the notes perfectly well.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Address: Heroiv UPA St, 71 , L’viv , Ukraine, 79000 Call Us: +380 732 088559 Mail Us: [email protected] Skype Us: @ Rectro Laboratory Website: /