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What Should Be Included In a Personal Health Record Personal Health Record PHR is one of the emerging user-centric information systems in healthcare. This system creates an effective platform that supports modern vision of health services that empowers individuals to engage in managing their health. It facilitates provider- patient communication while enhancing health outcomes and bringing down costs. Primary Information Included in the Personal Health Record System Personal health record is the collection of important health-related data of patients documented as well as maintained by them. The information included in a Personal Health Records Software may vary from one system to another and from one individual to another. Generally a typical personal health record system contains the following information:  Medical history /Family history  Allergies  Immunizations  Details of the patients’ visit to hospitals and healthcare providers  Information about diseases or medical conditions if any  Medications list  Hospitalization records

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 Details on any procedures or surgeries performed Significance of the Contents of the Personal Health Record System The concept of patients maintaining all of their crucial health-related information in an electronic format and updating them in a regular basis is highly beneficial to them as well as their healthcare providers. This new evolution in the medical information technology has generated new sets of data and capabilities. It provides better opportunities toward healthcare management of individuals at the user and industry levels. The success of such system depends greatly on its content and regular updating. The General Format and Content of Personal Health Record System  Personal health record is generally in the electronic format  It is a dynamic health record system that undergoes regular updates  It must be inclusive of dates of occurrence and entry of all the data  It consists of lifelong health data of individuals  Immediate and original source of all data must be identifiable  It can be linked with provider’s electronic health records and may contain copies of parts of those records  It may not be considered to be a complete record  Healthcare providers need to use their professional judgment while using the information included in the personal health record of patients Personal health record system the Internet-based health information tool allows individuals to manage access and coordinate their health information throughout their lifetime. It enables them to make all or part of the information in it to be available to those who require it. 75Health Personal health record plays a key role in the modern medical industry’s shift toward a more efficient safer and user-driven healthcare system.

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