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Our goal is to provide an outstanding service with respect, credibility and responsibility we understand how important is our role in our communities.


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Certified Plumbing Contractor, Medical Gas Certified


ABOUT US We Have Been Working In Different Environment Sets And Those Includes ( New Construction, Remodeling, Health Care Facilities, Services, Natural Gas Etc ) Our Goal Is To Provide An Outstanding Service With Respect, Credibility And Responsibility We Understand How Important Is Our Role In Our Communities. We Are A 24 Hours Business Operations For Miami Dade, Broward And Monroe Counties.



Water Line Repair & Replacement:

Water Line Repair & Replacement RCR Plumbing Services provide water pipes repair, replacement and installation solutions in and around Miami. With state of the art equipment, we are able to save you money while relining your pipes without digging up your property. We are able to replace, patch and repair pipes underground, or can install a new system on your property with leading pipelining technology that is world renowned. For expert pipe repair services, call RCR Plumbing Services today.

Pipe Relining, Replacement And Installation :

Pipe Relining, Replacement And Installation With our state of the art relining equipment, our pipe rehabilitation is outstanding. We can place a new pipe inside the old one’s cavity through a process called Cured in Place Pipe inversion reining. We are able to replace, patch and repair pipes underground without the disturbance of digging up your property. A proprietary epoxy lining is place in the pipe, and a new pipe is pushed into the existing pipe. It is then unrolled to the size and shape of the inside of the cavity. The pipe is then hardened and secured and stronger than the original pipe.

How To Prevent Frozen Plumbing Pipes :

How To Prevent Frozen Plumbing Pipes When cold temperatures hit, the water in your pipes can freeze and easily burst or crack your plumbing pipes, creating a plumbing emergency. To help prevent your pipes from freezing consider the following tips:  Drain your sprinkler and pool lines and use an indoor shutoff to keep water out of outdoor hose bibs.  When temperatures are extremely cold, keep water at a trickle from your faucets to help prevent freezing pipes.  Warp all pipes in unheated areas like the garage, attic or basement with insulation. Pipes that aren’t properly insulated will freeze.

Contact Us:

Contact Us RCR PLUMBING SERVICES, INC. RAMON C RODRIGUEZ (President) MEDICAL GAS CERTIFIED  CERTIFIED PLUMBING CONTRACTOR   Phone:  3053361646  Office :  7863605251   EMail :  [email protected]  Hour: 24*7 EMERGENCY SERVICE 8835 SW 107th Ave # 169 Miami  Florida, United States 33176

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