Decor styles as per your sun sign

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This PPT speaks about home decorating styles as per the zodiac sign. Each sign has its own unique style which can be easily incorporated in home decoration.


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Decor styles as per your sun sign:

Decor styles as per your sun sign


Capricorn – When decorating a home for a Capricorn, go for solid, traditional décor such as wood cabinets, leather couches, grandfather clocks. They prefer dark colors such as navy, hunter green and brown. Add a splash of bright colors by accessorizing with fresh flowers or art pieces. Capricorns can’t do without fully equipped work area replete with a great desk and book cases.


Aquarius – An Aquarius’ home decoration style would focus on all things futuristic and modern. Their homes may not be the most comforting, but they definitely are the most trendiest and chic. You will find modern materials such as chrome, glass and steel. When decorating for an Aquarius, get high end art in vibrant hues of blue, indigo, salmon and violet. Set up a gallery wall to showcase these fine pieces of art.


Pisces - The key to decorating a Pisces home is to remember that they value their solitude. They would appreciate a quiet room where they can spend time with their thoughts, mediate, read or play music. A great home decoration tip for a Piscean is to add ocean elements such as splashes of green, blue, lilac on the walls or art or even a classy fountain or aquarium. Use natural fibers in decoration such as silk throw pillows. Pisceans need a space to daydream!


Aries – When decorating a home for an Aries, go for bright accents such as hot pink and crimson; do away with muted tones. Set aside a space where they can harness their intellectual and imaginative side. Have a pottery studio or a yoga room. Having lovely study peppered with inspirational quotes, mementos, trophies and certificates of accomplishments is a must in home decoration of an Aries.


Taurus - A Taurean is all about comfort and style. When decorating a home for a Taurean, get the finest fabrics, the most artistic artefacts, the latest gadgets. Think Persian rugs, exquisitely framed photographs, deep leather sofas, customised art. They are proud of their homes and love to entertain guests at home in style. Do make sure that there is ample space to relax and lounge too. Use a color palette of neutral tones and browns.


Gemini – Geminis are all about variety and can’t stick to a style for long. Home decoration for a Gemini can be really fun as you can try quirky, eclectic patterns and color palettes. A home decoration tip for a Gemini is to use materials and pieces which can be upcycled or modified so that they can redecorate when they please. Do have an entertaining space that is vibrant and funky.


Cancer – Cancerians are all mush. Home decoration for a Cancerian should focus on sentimental and soothing items such as family portraits, souvenirs and albums. A color palette of shimmering whites, pale blues and silver is ideal. Cancerians love to feed and eat; have a an entertaining space near the kitchen. A large rustic farm table will be simply perfect.


Leo – The majestic sign needs to have a home fit for royalty. When decorating a home for a Leo, think bold colors, exotic influences and plenty of natural light. A color palette of deep red, brilliant turquoise and sandy brown with gold accents would be perfect. Accessorize with vintage photographs, Renaissance paintings or African ceremonial masks. Have a formal dining area that showcases fine china. Leos also appreciate a welcoming sitting area, particularly near a fireplace.


Virgo – This sign is all about perfection and needs everything to be orderly, clean and give out a vibe of calmness. A home decoration tip for a Virgo is to organize the kitchen with absolute attention to detail. The color palette needs to be white, celadon green or dove grey. To add a little color, accessorize with vases, fresh flowers and books.


Libra - Librans are all about elegance and sophistication, they are the most artistic of all the zodiac signs. When decorating a home for a Libran, keep an eye out for balanced proportions, symmetry in décor and coordination. A great home decoration tip for a Libran is to have a master bath or dressing room in pastel or other serene colors.


Scorpio - Home decoration for a Scorpio can be tricky as there are two types of them; some who love white on white with plenty of texture while others go for intense colors such as black, orange and crimson. Find a way to incorporate both in your design. Use high quality furniture and some bold pieces to accessorize the space. Be very meticulous while decorating a home for a Scorpio. A great home decoration tip for a Scorpio is to place a an aquarium or a fountain.


Sagittarius - Sagittarians are all about the great outdoors and travel. Home decoration for them should focus on an exotic garden with bright, fragrant flowers and unique plants. If the home doesn’t allow for alfresco space, bring the outdoors in by having an indoor garden, a bowl of fresh fruit or earthy scented candles. A great home decoration tip is to have interesting collectibles from around the world, be it a vintage box or a religious artefact.