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The amazing World of Graphics


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The Wonderful World of Graphics : 

The Wonderful World of Graphics Nancy B. Clark, MEd USA Family Practice

Outline : 

Outline Definitions Graphics Programs Sources of Graphics Hands on Experiences Digital Camera -- Photo Touchup Scanning Clipart CD Drawing

Bumper Sticker : 

Bumper Sticker A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, but it uses up a thousand times the memory.

Definitions: : 

Definitions: Clipart Photographs

Compression : 

Compression Graphics File Formats: gif (clip art) jpg (photos) bmp Tif Propriatary Formats cdr mic Resolution DPI: Web (72 dpi) vs Print (1440 dpi) # Colors Gif 256 Jpg 16 million Flat vs Layered

Other Formats : 

Other Formats Audio .wav .mp3 .ram .au Video .mov .avi .dv

Resizing : 

Resizing Maintain Aspect Ratio (Shift-Corners) Reduce Pixels

Cropping : 


Rotate, flip, and mirror : 

Rotate, flip, and mirror

Adjusting : 

Adjusting Color, Contrast, Brightness

The Picture Toolbar : 

The Picture Toolbar

Sources of Graphics : 

Sources of Graphics Scanning Pictures Text Digital Cameras Capturing Graphics from the Web Capturing Graphics from the Screen Clipart Gallery CDs Drawing Using Charting Utilities

Drawing : 


Attributes of an Objects : 

Attributes of an Objects 3D Style Dash Style Arrow Style Shadow Style Line Style

Ordering/Arranging : 

Ordering/Arranging Send to Back Bring to Front FP

Objects : 

Objects Grouping/Ungrouping FP FP

The Genogram : 

The Genogram Graphic display of the family family’s risk factors patterns of illness psychosocial problems Useful clinical tool for obtaining family history and social history Can be scanned quickly patterns of illness and dysfunction familial influence on a patient’s health

Symbols : 

Symbols Male Female Sex Unknown Index Person Deceased Married Living Together Conflict Connector Divorced Separated Institutionalized Foster Child Adopted Twins m. / / div. / / name b. / / name d. age cause label Health problem Labels

Slide 21: 

Name: Date: Three-Generation Genogram GrandparentsGreat Aunts and Uncles ParentsAunts and Uncles PatientSiblings and Spouse(s) Children lump Breast Cancer Genogram

Charts and Graphs : 

Charts and Graphs Use Title and Content Slide Layout Click on the graph Delete Sample Data Enter your data with headings Chart Menu Select Chart type Modify Chart Options

Make a Chart : 

Make a Chart

Graphics Programs : 

Graphics Programs Corel Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Photo Deluxe Paint Shop Pro Windows Paint Microsoft Image Composer

Scanning : 

Scanning Steps Open HP PrecisionScan Pro Put picture in scanner – straight Click Start a new scan

Scanning : 

Scanning Draw dotted box Save As

Adobe Photoshop Elements : 

Adobe Photoshop Elements Use this to resize the image Web/PowerPoint 1024 W X 768 H max 800 X 600 640 X 480 Print 8 X 10 2000 X 1500 (3 megapixels) 14M 3 X 5 1 megapixel

Resizing Image : 

Resizing Image Image Menu Resize

Save as : 

Save as Save as type .gif for clipart .jpg for photo .psd to manipulate

Inserting a picture in Word and PowerPoint : 

Inserting a picture in Word and PowerPoint Select the Insert Menu Select Picture or Image Select Clipart... or From File… Where Saved? What Name? Move it Resize it

Compress Presentation : 

Compress Presentation Double click on image Click Compress Pick all pictures Pick web format OK