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Optical Illusions: 

Optical Illusions Matt Gray

What is an optical illusion?: 

What is an optical illusion? a type of illusion characterized by visually perceived images that are deceptive or misleading our visual systems adapt to standard viewing situations eye cannot see, it merely perceives information “Illusions of the senses tell us the truth about perception”

Categories of Illusions: 

Categories of Illusions physiological illusions occur naturally brain is not tricked perception not a factor example: after images cognitive illusions visual tricks misdirects visual system’s adaptations to common situations the majority of optical illusions

Checker Shadow Illusion: 

Checker Shadow Illusion Based on the position of squares relative to surrounding colors the eye percepts them to be different The light square in shadow is surrounded by darker square’s also in shadow Thus, even though the square is physically dark, it is light when compared to its neighbors

More Context Illusions: 

More Context Illusions

Face Mask Illusion: 

Face Mask Illusion one cannot ‘hold’ either the positive or negative view The hollow (negative) version of the face immediately switches back into a positive view

Impossible Objects: 

Impossible Objects

Size Constancy Illusions: 

Size Constancy Illusions perception of size constancy depends on cues that allow one a valid assessment of his distance from the object we see objects as the same size at different distances because they stay the same size relative to surrounding objects The monkey example gives the information that they are the same size but that one monkey is farther away from the other, thus the further one must be larger Click picture

Motion Perception: 

Motion Perception

Café Wall Illusion : 

Café Wall Illusion The mortar lines (the horizontal lines between the tiles) appear to slope alternately upward and downward This gives the impression that the tiles are wedge-shaped. Horizontal lines are ACTUALLY all parallel

Works Cited: 

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