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Title Of This Presentation Show Me The Money - How To Make Money In As Little As Two Weeks By Rob Couty

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Do you need money fast? Do you want to relieve that unbelievable and unbearable financial pressure you feel everyday? Wouldn't it be great to have some quick cash to take away those financial challenges? What if you could have that quick cash soon! And have it coming in EVERY week! Would that help? Would that bring a smile to your face? Would that bring Happiness and Hope back into your life? Or maybe you just want some extra cash to invest or to pay things off with. Wouldn't extra income be a great thing to use for those?

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Then please pay close attention to this video because I will show you how to make good to excellent money in as little as 2 weeks! Money I hope will put a BIG smile on your face and add more happiness to your life:o) So lets not waste any more time. Lets learn how to make this happen for you NOW!

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Hopefully you have seen my “Timing Is Everything” video. If so then you know about Phase 1 and 2 companies and understand the importance of catching such a company in either growth phase. In another video I talked about the 5 components every company must have in order for it to have a chance to be around long term. This is important because one of the 5 components I teach you to check out is the compensation plan. That will be our focus in this video. The reason we will focus on compensation plans is because there are a few new companies offering what I call “Hybrid” pay plans. Hybrid is my word, not theirs. But basically these new plans combine the best of the four most popular pay plans in the industry. Comp plans that have been around for many, many years. What they did was take the good points from these “old” plans, left out the bad, then put the pieces together to come up with their new pay plan. Which I think is great and the wave of the future! I feel the new plans hold real promise and so far they appear to be much better than the old ones. The good news for you is that many of these new companies, largely because of the new comp plans, are offering weekly pay checks!

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Now in the old days if you heard about a “New” company offering a weekly check you immediately went into a “concern” mode because not many companies had the product or the financial backing to pull of such a demanding pay schedule long term. Based on what I've seen so far from the new pay plans I feel confident those days are starting to fade away. I am also starting to feel more confident endorsing companies that pay weekly. No guarantees here, but they are far more stable today than they were just a few years ago. (remember you must check every company for the 5 components before making a decision) Anyway back to the point. Normally these plans pay every Friday or Saturday. Which means if you have a Phase one or two company that is experiencing consistent rapid growth you will be in a position to generate a very healthy check quickly. Usually within two to three weeks after you create your first volume. This should excite you because this is exactly what you want. But there is more to the story...

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Like I said, ideally you want to catch a company in the right phase of growth and that's pretty simple to figure out. But what's not so apparent, but just as important, are the other pieces of the puzzle. Pieces that make the opportunity work. And they are... 1) Comp Plan – I know, we just talked about this but just make sure the company pays on a weekly basis. Also find out when your first check will come and what you have to do to generate that check. Don't forget to check the percentages paid out on the different levels so you can increase your chances of creating that first big check. 2) Product(s) – Make sure the company is offering a product or line of products people want no matter what. Also make sure the product(s) aren't overpriced. And don't forget, they must offer a legitimate benefit to the end user. Otherwise your business will never catch traction. 3) Business Building System – You can have everything else we talk about here correct, but if the BBS isn't good and doesn't produce consistent positive results, then your chances of building a stable business are very slim.

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The right BBS will not only offer training, leadership, tools and support but also help create that all important momentum. The BIG MO is created because the BBS promotes duplication through a system that works flawlessly producing positive results consistently. 4) Leads – Leads are the livelihood of your business. Your lifeline if you will. Every leader needs a constant source of qualified leads. Unfortunately many people never have access to these type of leads. Problem solved. Although there are many ways to create leads, and some are better than others, there's one way I encourage everyone to consider using - The Internet. There are, (including my own), lead generation websites that will generate quality leads for you 24/7. These sites will help you find people who are looking for a way to generate extra income from home. If you have a site like this and promote it correctly, you could have a lead generation machine on your hands! Does this approach work? Yes! And very well. So good in fact that I encourage you to give it serious consideration. Are there other productive ways to get or create leads? Yes, and I address this in another video. 5) Time Management and Organization – I know. This seems out of place but here's the bottom line. Chances are your life is busy. Not much spare time is

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available for anything new, much less a new business venture. Since your time is so scarce you need to find the time to make your business go, and go fast. This is where organization and time management become critical to your success. Somehow you're going to have to find the time and a quiet place to accomplish your business activities. You may have to use a big closet or a corner of a room. You may have to close the door or wait until the kids go to school or bed before making calls. Point being you have to organize and manage your time and tools properly so you can stay focused on business building activity instead of wondering where your prospecting list is or trying to get the room quite. Seemingly insignificant things like these will make a huge difference in your attitude and demeanor during talks with your prospects or downline. If you are stressed or preoccupied they will pick up on it during your talk. If they do they may think you're not serious about building a business. If they get that impression you may lose them. As you can see all of this is very important to your success. Whether that success comes in 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. The activity is the same. All you want to do is condense this success cycle down to the timetable you want or need your money.

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6) Your Commitment & Activity – You can have everything else in place - tools, leadership, timing, etc... and still fail. More times than not, the main reason for that failure is – you. In order to make this work you must be committed to your success even before signing on the dotted line. Now am I pointing a finger at you to make you mad? Not at all. I need to get this very important point across to you. To get you to realize just how important your role in this equation is. Nothing works if you don't. Momentum will not happen unless you are consistent. Results will not come if you are not doing things correctly. And I'm here to help you get the results you want as quick as you want. The other part of this equation is activity. If you want the results in two weeks then you had better hit the ground running. It's not as daunting as it sounds, but the bottom line is it all boils down to you and just how bad you want the results. Consistent Correct Activity is what makes things happen and you must take that approach the very minute you start building your business. So what is “Consistent Correct Activity?” It's performing the same productive steps outlined in the BBS everyday over and over as many times possible. This is the only way to build the type of business you want no matter what company you're with or what BBS you use.

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Now you may be saying - “All of this is great Rob, but what specific steps do I need to take to make money in 2 weeks? What is it I need to do to make this happen for me?” Great Question. Lets find out. First – find a company you feel comfortable with and one that pays weekly. Second – Make sure the leadership you choose has a proven Business Building System that produces results quickly. Third – Make sure you have a list of prospects or a way to consistently generate high quality leads looking for an opportunity to make money or a new lifestyle. Fourth - Close the deal. It's all about signing people up, (that is people who want to be signed up – not forced) and getting them on auto-ship. The one with the most people on auto-ship wins. (remember – your goal is to have them do 100 pv) Fifth – Conduct Consistent Correct Activity using the BBS. Sixth – Be organized and use time wisely. Now let's look at some numbers.

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Check In Two Week Disclaimer – I can not account for every comp plan out there. Although this example will work for most, in fact the majority of weekly pay plans, I can not vouch that it will work for plans not fundamentally sound. O.K. Now that we have that out of the way lets look at some numbers that will give a solid foundation on which to develop a game plan. But first I want to address volume. All comp plans pay you on volume created and the only ways to create volume is by: 1) signing up new partners 2) creating retail customers 3) people being on the monthly auto-ship program 4) your own personal product consumption I'm sure you understand these 4 so now what I would like to do is give you some specific examples with numbers. But remember, each pay plan is different and I will do my best to give you as accurate an example as I can. You can use it as a guideline and know it's close. Just don't expect it to be exact. I know most of understand my apprehension to endorse all plans. With that being said lets move on to the example...

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First - know what amount you want your first check to be. Second - look at your current pin level in the pay plan. There should be a percentage associated with the volume you need to create to get the money you want in your first check. Attached to that volume number is a corresponding money value – that's what you will be paid for that volume. Here's an example of what I am saying... Possible Pay Plan Brochure Statement: As a “Starter” pin level distributor you will earn a $40.00 bonus every time a new partner signs on with you and places an order. In addition you as the sponsor will receive 10% of the volume created for that sale. This means you earn $40.00 for every new person you sign up. It also means you receive 10% of the volume created during that sale. In other words if 200 pv was created during the sale you would get 20 pv. So for the whole sign-up you would end up with $40 on your upcoming check plus 20 pv from the sale. For illustration purposes lets say you have already signed up some other people. Lets add those numbers with the numbers shown above.

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Lets say your current group pv is 420 pv generated from previous sign–ups. Now lets add the 20 pv you just got with your new sign-up. This brings your total to 440 group pv. (420 pv + 20 pv = 440 group pv) Also lets say your current bonus money from those previous sign–ups is $140.00. Again we will add the $40.00 you will get for your new sign-up to the $140.00 shown above which will bring your total to $180.00. ($140.00 + $40 = $180.00) Are you starting to understand how this works? Now lets say you're a real go getter and use the proper tools to show people how this can change their lives. They get it and because you showed this to a lot of people in a short amount of time you were able to sign up 20 solid and motivated people. But because life gets in the way only 12 of those do the 100 pv per month. You decide because you are a leader and want to set the proper example for others to follow you're going to do 200 pv a month. Now add your 12 upcoming leaders that are doing 100 pv to your personal pv and your business looks like this... You = 200 pv 12 upcoming leaders x 100 pv per month = 1200 pv

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In mathematical terms your numbers would look like this: 200 pv + 1200 pv = 1400 group pv Now don't forget you're also going to get $40 per sign up. 12 new people x $40 sign up bonus = $480.00 bonus Then you're going to get a percentage of the volume created based on your pin level. (according to your companies pay plan, not necassairly by this example) 1400 group pv x 10% = $140.00 So with this example you should expect a check that would include - $480.00 for sign up bonuses plus money for the pv created which would be $140.00 So your total would be $480.00 + $140.00 = $620.00 This is what is possible for your first check and a couple of weeks work! Could it be more? Yes. Could it be less? Yes.

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The great thing is if you maintain the momentum you've created in your initial burst of activity your second check will be bigger and your third check could be very large, if not enormous! One that could change your financial life! Keep in mind these numbers could be different based on what pay plan your company uses. But rest assured there are two constants with all pay plans and they are: 1) you get paid for volume created 2) and they pay bonuses for business building activity – new sign ups and rank advancement Bottom Line To Creating First Check In Two Weeks – You want to work as fast and hard as you can to sign up as many people as possible in the first few days or weeks (based on your life schedule). And have as many of those people as possible on 100 pv per month auto-ship. To make things even clearer for you I am going to share a well known secret and it is this... Width = Wealth This means the more people / leaders you personally sign up the more you make. The other little secret I will share with you on top of this one is...

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Go Fast and Go Hard - Now! Doing so will create results quicker which will excite and motivate your downline. This will translate into more group activity which will turn into more success and of course – make more money for everyone. There's nothing like quick success in this industry. It's normally the launching pad to greater things in a much quicker time frame than you had planned. So naturally I am going to endorse the quick way over the grind it out way every time. My Recommendation: Find a growing company. Preferably a phase one or two company. Once you join go fast and hard. Sign up at least 20 people as fast as you can using your name list, lead generation site and an effective business building tool. Get everyone you sign up to do the same thing I outlined above. More importantly get as many people as possible to do a minimum of 100 pv per month auto-ship. Then teach your people to duplicate this simple business model over and over everyday until they reach the level of income / lifestyle they want. And there you have it. I just showed you how to create a BIG check in just two weeks. Use this same approach for 90 days and you could be in a position to lauch your business and life in to a whole new world in 1 to 2 years. A life you could have never dreamed possible. Now all you have to do is....

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