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What Was Then And Is Now:

What Was Then And Is Now By Rafael Arrizon


1952 James Kinney & Evelyn Harper outside of Kilbourne High School. Adam’s Grandma and Grandpa Kinney now


1950 Adam’s Grandma & Grandpa Richter in front of their new house. That is Grandma & Grandpa Richter now


1950 Odis Nelson Harper & Eula Mae Harper sporting the current fashion of the 50s My Aunt Camelia’s and Uncle Luis’ family modeling modern fashion


1953 A 1953 Mercedes Benz W120 I found driving around in Eureka Springs A 2006 Mini Cooper I found driving around in San Francisco


1955 Adam’s Grandma & Grandpa Kinney’s wedding photo Carlos & Anica Arrizon’s wedding picture in Hawaii


1959 Adam’s Grandpa coming back from a game of fishing Carlos comes back from a random run to the lake


1964 A 1964 toy Mustang car A 2001 toy Corvette car


1962 Kevin Richter, Adam’s dad, as a baby My baby picture in my Mexican house at the age of 1


1961 A picture of the White House taken in 1961 A picture of the White House when I went to DC in 2007


1968 Kevin Richter’s Kindergarten Picture My school picture in Kindergarten


1969 An X-Ray of a foot taken in ‘69 The Richter’s clinic that opened in 2010

Early 70s:

Early 70s Two bikes from the early 70s A few modern bikes good for riding off road.


1974 Kevin Richter in Grade School My sister, Ana Maria, in Grade School


1979 My dad’s puffy hair in the late 70s My good boy hairdo as of now


1975 My uncle Chico, on the left, and my dad on the right. They were always together. The same people reunite in California in the summer of 2010

Late 70s:

Late 70s A steampunk dragon. Steampunk was a growing trend in the late 70s A modern dragon statue

Early 80s:

Early 80s A concert of the Styx in the early 80s One of my favorite modern bands, Linkin Park


1983 Pamela Diane Kinney’s Graduation Carlos, Catalina, and Cruz’s Graduation


1983 Pam Richter’s prom 2011 Graduation: Picture of me with my girlfriend


1986 My dad on his “Big Boy” Toy My nephew in front of his bike


1987 My dad in front of his 1964 1/2 mustang he bought in 1987 Me, in my 2001 mustang


1989 My girlfriend’s mom’s cat, Tangerine. A cat, Leo, that goes to the Berryville Vet Clinic often.

Slang Words:

Slang Words


Video My mother talks about her young life in Mexico.

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