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http://www.rackyourgarage.com/ This plan prevents you from purchasing a rack that will not fit and it will point out other spots you could potentially put in hanging shelves.


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Overhead Storage rack:

Overhead Storage rack http://www.rackyourgarage.com/

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You need additional storage area in your garage, so you've chosen to install an hanging storage shelf. The next step is to plan and measure your garage space to see where you can mount the shelf as well as what size rack is right in your garage. This plan prevents you from purchasing a rack that will not fit and it will point out other spots you could potentially put in hanging shelves.

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Round up equipment to create your plan. Use a paper and pen to track dimensions and sketch various layouts you think of. Have a stable step ladder and good quality measuring tape. Measuring tapes identify how far you are able to extend them by a characteristic known as standout. It will be handy to have a measuring tape with a minimum of 8' standout; alternatively, get the aid of a friend to measure lengthy distances. Finally, you may need a stud finder to determine the direction of your ceiling rafters. A few racks mandate installation only across the ceiling beams. That will limit your options of where you can set it up in your garage. Quite a few units come with ceiling hangers over 24" that attach flush to the ceiling in whichever orientation is needed to cross multiple beams, and also a vertical support bracket is installed to the ceiling bracket on whatever side is necessary to get the preferred positioning of the shelf.

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Generally speaking, your location alternatives are in the corner, down a wall, or floating in the middle of the ceiling space. Corner installations are the least difficult. Corners are usually a good out of the way place for storage anyhow. Along a wall provides additional alternatives for installing your shelving. You can also link together multiple units to extend the whole length of the wall. Center installation converts more of the ceiling as possible storage space. Because a 4 foot deep rack is often loaded double-deep with boxes it's convenient to be able to unload from either side.

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Think about these often overlooked places for shelf installation. If you have enough space above your garage door when it's open, you might be able to secure the shelving there. Check the rack manufacturer's instructions to determine the minimal vertical space necessary for this type of installation. The wall above the access door is a great location, as well. For those who have typical eight foot ceilings and are not sure where to put the rack, consider an infrequently traversed corner. Floor items including the lawn mower, snow thrower, saw horses, etc. can be kept on the ground under a corner rack and you still can use the space above these floor items for storage.

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Watch out for typically overlooked obstructions such as windows and lights. In case your rack is going to be on the wall, consider trim around windows and doors. Keep walking paths unobstructed and keep enough head space. Look for smaller obstructions including electrical conduit mounted on the surface of the wall or electrical outlets you do not wish to cover. Measure the measurement of the rack onto the ceiling to make sure it does not overlap your garage door opener.

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Heavy-duty tire storage holders are priceless in areas that require winter studded tires to be mounted when the cold weather hits, then removed in the springtime when the snow and ice leaves - requiring storage rooms. Depending on where you live and your life situation, there will always be something for you choose when shopping online to become better organized in the garage or shed.

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