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QuickFish in one of the top freight forwarding companies in China, aim to provide the clients flexible logistics & supply chain solutions such as courier express, air freight to airport to door.


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Importing Goodies from China to FBA Shipping: Basic Details to Be Familiar With Shipping goods from China to Amazon FBA is one of the most popular and profitable Amazon business strategies for many Indian sellers. However the process of FBA Shipping for getting products and goods from China to Amazon FBA is a bit prickly and confusing. And if you are new to Amazon it may become even more mystifying for you. The guidelines and rules for shipping Chinese goods to Amazon FBA keep changing over the years even sometimes the seasoned FBA sellers lose their footing on the new options rules and principles. As China adds several layers of overseas shipments tariffs customs and tariffs sellers importing products from the country can stumble over new laws and guidelines. But regardless of how confusing and intimidating this process can be it’s a necessary one to be carried out by the sellers affiliated to Amazon FBA. In order to make your process of FBA Shipping a bit easier and smoother help you understand the process of shipping goodies from China and how hiring an FBA Shipping Agent from China can be beneficial for you below we have mentioned few tips and tricks to be acquainted with Essential Rules Of Shipping From China When you are shipping products and goods from China you need to abide by some specified rules and guidelines and they are:  You must ensure the imported goods to comply with all regulations and laws implemented by both Indian and Chinese government on importing and exporting.  You must have to lodge a duty entry form and related credentials for shipping goodies  You are obligatory to deposit fees like import duties and other associated taxes for exporting products Options for Importing Goods from China to Amazon FBA While choosing to get your goodies and products from China to Amazon FBA there are two options to avail: 1. You can ship them directly to Amazon FBA warehouses from China 2. You also can ship the products to a middleman or FBA Shipping Agent or yourself and then transport it to Amazon FBA warehouses When shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA warehouses the suppliers have to strictly follow the products according to the specifications of FBA Shipping. This way major things depend on the end of Chinese suppliers. This shipment process could either meet the FBA specifications or not. Do remember anomalies and errors at this phase may cost you the hefty penalty and legal troubles as well. To avoid all such complications and issues you can opt for the option of hiring a middleman or FBA Shipping Agent from China.

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While communicating with the Chinese sellers and manufacturers language and the way of communication is found to be a common concern. But with an FBA Shipping Agent you can easily deal with this issue and establish a secure confident and valid conversation with the manufacturer in China. Apart from this an FBA Shipping Agent can ensure your products to be in fulfillment of the FBA specifications and to be quality verified. Author Bio: - QuickFish is an international Sea Freight Forwarding company in china. QuickFish is offers China Freight Shipping from China to USA Australia United Kingdom Canada by sea ocean or air freight or courier. Get more details of our work to log on to our web portal: -

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