Top 5 Android App Development Trends for the Year 2020


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Top 5 Android App Development Trends for the Year 2020 As we are inching towards the end of the year 2019 its time to start researching and acknowledge the latest trends in ​Android app development ​for the year 2020. We are living in an era where the latest technology is dominating and its adoption can determine the success of any business in the IT sector. As we all know Android adoption has increased vastly by the time. Because of this it becomes very much important to keep up with the latest changes and innovations in the field of Android development at the same time will help in excelling by knocking out the competitors who are still following the old trends.

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Before we discuss the top 5 trends for the upcoming year I would like to suggest you get assisted by an ​Android app development company to understand the implications of trends to get the most out of them. Let’s dive into further details now: 1. App Development for Foldables After Samsung launched foldable with OLED display the operating systems are preparing themselves to start using this technology which can improve smartphone experiences. In 2018 Google officially announced the foldable support on Android devices with the use of “screen continuity” API. We all know foldable phones are going to be the next trending thing in the year 2020. Just in case you are looking for android foldable you need ​android app development companies ​ on board. 2. Rise of Android Instant Apps Simply Android Instant Apps enables users to try out an application or game before installing it on your Android devices. Android Instant Apps allow you to skip the installation part and removes the clutter of installing unnecessary apps on Android phones.

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Android Instant Apps ease the use of mobile sites that are worked legitimately from the cloud. While 2019 observed a critical increment of Android Instant Apps one year from now it will continue to keep growing with furthermore updates. 3. AI Machine Learning We’ve already seen major advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the Android App development. This technology can result in some unimaginable changes. AI ML allows you to collect feed and process a huge amount of data in your app development process. Face recognition text recognition landmark recognition image labeling barcode scanning and several others are the result of AI technology implementation in the Android app development. Different tools are available that helps to build such functionalities in your Android app. ● Firebase MLKit ● Google Cloud Vision API ● Neural Network API ● TensorFlow Lite 4. Android Jetpack Android Jetpack is Google’s newest Android application development suite of tools libraries and guidance that enables developers to build high-quality Android apps. It was designed to help ​Android app developers in India as well as the developers

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outside India. It helps them to cope up with important issues like backward compatibility application management and so on. Four simple categories comprised of UI architecture behavior and foundation is smartly structured by Google. The Jetpack’s components on the other hand are unbundled libraries that are not part of the Android platform which means you can easily adapt any component as per your needs. 5. Kotlin Kotlin is a new coding language introduced by Google in the year 2016 which runs on Java Virtual Machine JVM. To put it simply Kotlin is capable of utilizing all the existing tools of Android Studio In other words not only building apps with Kotlin is easy but converting the existing Java-based Android app to Kotlin is also easy. The nullability and immutability features in Kotlin allows creating high-performance and quality Android apps. The best features of Kotlin are its interoperability compatibility fast compilation time and performance. These are the features that make Kotlin one of the best frameworks for Android app development. Conclusion There you have the top 5 Android app development trends to keep in mind for the upcoming year. With the above points you can understand the major change happening in the Android app development industry. If you are looking to avail of Android app development services ​ you can always contact ​Quantumsoftech ​. You can ​hire Android app developers from our company to complete your app development project. In case you have any queries you can ​write back to us ​.

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