What are the attestation procedures for birth certificates in Qatar


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Birth certificate mainly acts as an age proof also it is used for migration .It is to prove the birth of an individual. For children to move to foreign countries birth certificate attestation is useful. It also makes admissions in schools abroad easy.


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What are the attestation procedures for birth certificates in Qatar Birth certificate attestation is the act of legalizing a birth certificate by the corresponding authority. Birth certificate attestation gives the integrity of an individual’s birth. The birth certificate is attested to prove that your certificate is genuine and real before the Qatar government.This type of attestation is advantageous for international dealings.Most people utilize birth certificates as age proof and for receiving a family visa. Purposes for Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar:  For school admission.  For any purpose of Migration.  For Employment Purposes  For a family visa. The birth certificate attestation in Qatar is the process of evaluating a birth certificate by an authorized person or department or authorities using an official seal and signature. Moreover the attestation certifies that the birth certificate was issued by an authorized department and the signature and seal on the certificate are trustworthy. Birth Certificate Attestation is necessary to get the resident visa in Qatar If your child is born in Qatar and any other country. Birth certificate attestation in Qatar is an authentic activity and by which you can show the legitimacy and authenticity of the certificate. Documents necessary for birth certificate attestation  Original certificate  Passport copy

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The procedure for birth certificate attestation is as follows:  Notary Attestation  Home department attestation  MEA attestation  Embassy attestation  MOFA attestation Attested birth certificate after all this process can be used anywhere in Qatar. Birth certificate attestation is done from the nation in which the certificate is issued. Usually the time duration for attesting birth certificates relies upon the country issuing it. Documents issued in your country should be attested so that it makes the document more presentable before the Qatar government. Birth certificate attestation is a subcategory of non-educational certificate attestation and is a personal document of an individual. The process of attestation of documents will increase the reachability and influence of the certificate before the Qatar government. This attestation performs a necessary component in global communication. Attested certificates possess a validity period after which it is no longer valid and cannot be used.

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