FEAR of Rejection AFFECTS your performance: STOP Being Afraid!

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PythaGURUS MBA Consulting: FEAR of Rejection AFFECTS your performance: STOP Being Afraid Hi Everyone I wanted to write a very small note and I experienced this with many of you while talking to you: “Before the School rejects me I will REJECT IT by NOT EVEN APPLYING” You do this all the time. I was just recommending a TOP 25 School to someone with a GMAT 720- and she said- “I got rejected by ISB last year. I do not feel that I will be able to get a good admit this year and I do not want to face these rejections this year at all”. Think about it this way- First of all- just because she failed to create a strong communication last year with a program does not mean that she will not be able to do so with any program in the future. Does it Second- If you are so afraid of rejection in life you will FIGHT only for programs where an admit will be a CAKEWALK or almost a CAKEWALK - that means you are settling for things way below what you can deserve. There is NOTHING WRONG IN GETTING REJECTED I am not a wishful thinker and I am not suggesting that you can crack Wharton or Tuck with a 710 and 3 years of Infosys- NO You cannot And I will not even recommend that you apply. In fact I will very strongly dissuade you from applying. I am writing as many of you have started working on the stories for next year and I can sense the fear in a lot of you. THE BACKGROUND OF YOUR FEAR IS THAT YOU PUT SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT AT STAKE: IF YOU get rejected by an MBA Program it will be a matter of SHAME- this is how many applicants sound. I am not KIDDING. When you are so against taking that shot I always ask you “WHAT IS AT STAKE”- If something is making you nervous it has a FEAR OF LOSS at the back- I want you to assess the following questions o What will happen if you do not GET INTO any school o What will happen if you lose your current job o What will happen if you do not have any bank savings Picture the above- and then see- what comes to your mind- See what solutions do you see- If you are an average human being- your mind will start doing amazing things to you and you will start coming up with new and creative ways of getting out of these situations. When you start artificially inflating your losses your mind goes numb. You don’t even have an admit yet to fear the loss of it. They have not even said yes to you. In 50 years from now when you are sitting with you grandchildren this won’t matter. Everyone who graduated from Harvard Business School in 1912 is MOST LIKELY DEAD. They got an admit got the best of the internships jobs careers and it is all over now.

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Life is too short to be afraid of taking newer initiatives or getting afraid of things that are not even going to hurt you. GO MAKE THE BEST OF IT. Meditate before an interview- and remember- life is MUCH BIGGER than you are currently picturing in your mind. You can do anything. Seriously. Regards Jatin

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