GMAT 650- Gap of 1.5 years- Makes it to UC Davis

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SUCCESS STORY GMAT 650- Gap of 1.5 years- Makes it to UC Davis Your essays come at the end Guys. The essays language expression and aspirations- they exist in word documents- and they represent YOU. But before those documents it is more important for us to CREATE YOU: Who YOU ARE BEING AS YOU SEARCH FOR AN MBA - Your essays DO NOT DO MBA’s. YOU DO. It is more important for us to CREATE THE PROFESSIONAL AND THE HUMAN BEING WHO UNDERSTANDS – WHAT CONTENT/Communication/FUTURE TO CREATE. I love My Job  This story is important as the applicant had a gap of more than 1.5 years on her resume CURRENT GAP and SHE HAD NO HOPES of Starting a life in Top MBA program in the US. She left her Job last year and moved to the US after her marriage- and was not currently employed. We worked with her in creating a successful transition to Product management. Some applicants face immense problems in communication or do not understanding the importance of goals. She was trained extensively on networking and communication before she was made to visit several campuses. Before she submitted her application we ensured that SHE DOES NOT USE PRODUCT MANAGEMENT as a one LINE adjective. Rather- She should know –  How to draw parallels with whatever is happening in the industry/products and have an essay that really reflects the WORK OF SOMEONE who Understands Product Management.  How will MBA help you bridge the gap What skills will you talk about – GIVE THEM SPECIFICS Make it so unique practical and relevant that the SCHOOLS Know and Understand that you have done your homework very well.  How to showcase her interest in Managing Products understanding Life Cycles: SHE SHOULD Talk LIKE A PRODUCT MANAGER.

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Dear Jatin I got a call from Davis that I made it into the Full Time MBA program. I really want to thank you for guiding me preparing me and counseling me. I have learnt a lot from you. You have been a true mentor and you helped me get out of tense situations. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you sooo much : Warm Regards Source:

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