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www.proteusind.com Choose Leading Die Casting Company for Yielding the Premium Quality Product Die casting is a metal casting process which is characterized by forcing the molten metal into the mold cavity under extremely high pressure. Hot or cold chamber machines are used depending on the type of metal being cast. Generally the die casting is made from the non-ferrous metals which include zinc aluminum copper magnesium lead pewter and tin based alloys. Enormous capital is involved in the procedure of casting. Casting equipment is also expensive which may place limits on production. The parts which are manufactured using die casting are simple and involve only four steps which keeps the price of the individual item low. Various Casting Processes There are various casting processes but die casting is the most successful casting procedure as it involves the huge production of small to medium sized castings. The leading die casting company follows certain processes which make the quality of the products incomparable. To do so is preferred by most of the companies as this results in the manufacture of a wide range of products and also gives the finest surface finish and dimensional consistency. Die casting can be divided into two categories:

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www.proteusind.com • Pore-free die casting- The gas porosity defects are eliminated with this process. This is same as the default process but only oxygen is injected into the die before every shot. This eliminates the chance of air incorporation in the mold cavity. When the molten metal fills the mold small dispersed oxides are formed that slowly eradicate the gas porosity. The prime advantage of this procedure is the enhanced strength of the material produced. This casting can be heat-treated and welded and is generally performed on zinc aluminum and lead alloys. • Direct injection die casting- This process is used in conjugation with zinc castings in order to increase the productivity and decrease the scrap. It involves the least cost per unit by energy conservation reduction of scrap and slower cooling procedure which results in better surface quality. Advantages of the Die Casted Materials Die casting has various advantages. Let’s summarize the advantages: • The casting of metals which have lower fluidity. • Fast production rate • Precise dimensional accuracy • Super smooth cast surface • When compared to the sand and permanent mold casing die casting produces thinner walls • Secondary machining operations are either reduced or eliminated • Delivers complex shapes which has a high level of tolerance • Finer parts are manufactured by this process Quality Assurance from the Die Casting Company The leading die casting company administers the best quality of service and standards while working in conjugation with their clients. The basic needs are addressed properly during the design phase which leads to the production of the desired output. The competent company also offers a certificate of compliance and analysis. The practical and researched design fulfills the client’s requirement along with the procurement of the superior quality of the die cast material which is expected from the finest die casting company. The agenda is to meet the targeted cost of the casting while satisfying the highest standard of quality.

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www.proteusind.com Source: http://bit.ly/2xBgbcg Information Presented by :- Proteus Industries Inc. 340 Pioneer Way Mountain view California 94041 Call: 650 943-4127 salesproteusind.com

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