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Are you looking for the latest architecture apartment in Pune? Godrej property is coming with a new residential apartment in Mamurdi called Godrej Central Park. This apartment is coming with 2bhk and 3bhk flats. Visit:


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Start Your Investment In 2019 Pune also known to provide fascinating travel and tourism options has transformed into a property investment paradise. The fact that the city enjoys great climate and provides high-paying employment prospects is enough for residents to consider relocating to the city. Residents are moving towards a phase of becoming real estate investors from when they used to occupy spaces as tenants. ​Godrej Central Park ​ by Godrej properties is a residential project located to precision at Mamurdi in Pune. The project offers 2 and 3 BHK residential units that are spread across 20 acres of land. With over 1100 units up for grabs there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. A km of nature trail along with 400 additional trees promotes eco-friendliness like never before. There are prominent schools colleges and medical institutions in close proximity that assists residents to provide the very best for their children in regards to education and healthcare services. With the Mumbai-Pune expressway not too far from the project residents can get around to other parts of the city with relative ease and comfort. Mamurdi has encouraged the entry to high-profiled property developers so the area develops at a staggering rate owing to rising social infrastructure development. In order to help residents get a brief in terms of property development ​Godrej Central Park ​ welcomes customers to the site so they experience the amenities floor plans executive design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before making the purchase decision. This results in establishing long-lasting relationships with prospective clients for future business prospects.

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How has GST tax benefits impacting customer mentality and purchase decisions One has to agree that RERA and tax reforms such as GST has brought a sense of order and maintenance in the property market. With the tax rates coming down to 5 from 12 for under-construction projects residents are not wasting anytime to invest smart and get save wisely. There are prominent IT tech parks that assist IT professionals to consider investing early to make the most of the current market trends. Rest assured investing your hard-earned money with ​Godrej Central Park Mamurdi Pune ​ will help you manage your finances better for a convenient lifestyle.

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Location and proximity- Getting accustomed to changing property market trends Location by far is the most crucial aspect of a residential project. The location solely would determine how well you are connected to the rest of the city. It doesn’t make the cut if residents stay far away from the city and don’t enjoy connectivity benefits to the city. This hampers the overall credibility of the project. On the other hand ​Godrej Central Park provides excellent connectivity and proximity benefits. Educational institutes like Symbiosis Institute of Technology Pawana Kids Play St. George Balika Gram and AIMTEC Point Institute are fairly close to the project contributing to excellent educational services. Coming to basic welfare ​Godrej Central Park Mamurdi ​is close to medical institutions like Janseva Hospital Sanjvant and Aditya Birla group of Medical institutions. Connectivity wise the Mumbai-Pune expressway is not more than 0.5 Km’s from the project while the Pune International Airport is 35 Km’s from the project. On the contrary the Pune railway station and emerging IT parks like Hinjewadi IT park are 26- 28 Km’s and 15-17 Km’s respectively.

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