How to Install a Garage Door

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After attaching weatherstripping to the bottom edge of the first garage door panel...


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How to Install a Garage Door

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After attaching weatherstripping  to the bottom edge of the first garage door panel, set the panel in the doorway and fix it in place by driving nails partway into each jamb at an angle so that they wedge the door in place.

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Assemble the various pieces  for the vertical, curved, and horizontal tracks, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Install the rollers and any necessary brackets   on the garage door section and any wall- or jamb-mounted brackets according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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Install the rollers into the second section.   With a helper, lift the section, set it in place, and slip its rollers into the vertical tracks at both sides of the doorway.

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Fasten the hinges   of the first section to the second one. For most types of doors, a power drill with a screwdriver tip or nut driver will make this much faster and easier.

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Install the third section,   using the same procedures. Check the door for level and the vertical track for plumb. Fasten the top plates of both vertical tracks to the wall.

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Attach the jamb brackets   to the tracks and fasten them to the framing members. Again, make sure the lag screws go into sound framing. 

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Install the curved and horizontaltracks ,   positioning the curved track as shown. Bolt the pieces together.

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Check the horizontal track for level,   and then cut the rear track hanger to the length necessary for supporting the track.

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The type of garage door shown   provides the necessary lift assistance with a “torque tube . If you intend to use an opener, wait to install the tube.

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