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Industry Profile:

Industry Profile Indian Automobile Industry India, the world's second-fastest growing auto market. Proposal to setup National Automotive Board (NAB) from Govt of India. Overall automobile exports registered a growth rate of 32.31 percent during April-Dec 2011. Passenger Vehicles registered growth at 21.01 percent in this period while two-wheelers. Commercial vehicles and three wheelers segments recorded growth of 32.34 per cent, 35.91 per cent and 49.55 per cent respectively. Ex: Car sales in September 2011 stood at 165,925 cars.

About Company:

About Company KAR Mobiles Limited belongs to the Rane Group comprising of a holding company and 7 manufacturing companies. KAR Mobiles Limited was incorporated on 7 th January, 1936 under the name of Cochin State Power and Light Corporation Limited. It entered into a technical collaboration with M/s Engine Valves Limited, Chennai and subsequently in 1974, its name was changed to KAR Valves Limited. Its name was further changed to KAR Mobiles Limited on 28 th September, 1983. The Company is engaged in manufacturing internal combustion engine valves for the automotive industry. It also trades in camshaft bushes, valve guides, seat inserts and valve collets. The Company has one manufacturing facility each in Bangalore and Tumkur.

Products :

Products Engine parts Piston , piston rings, engine valves, fuel pumps, carburetors, and bimetal bearings Electrical parts Steering gearings gear and systems, wheel, clutch plate and disc. Transmission and steering Gears, steering gears and systems, wheel , clutch plate and disc Suspension and braking Leaf springs, shock absorbers , brake assembly and facings Equipment Head light and dashboard instruments Others Sheet –metal parts, pressure disc castings.



PowerPoint Presentation:

Structure: The company follows line and staff organization. Skill: Three managerial skills that are technical, human, and conceptual. Style: Employees shared and common way of thinking and behaving unwritten norms of behavior and thought like- Leadership style. Organizational culture. Strategy: The main strategy of KML is to offer the full range of high technology quality engineering solutions to the customers to enhance the customers productivity and reduce costs, in an attempt to satisfy customer needs. System: The main strategy of KML is to offer the full range of high technology quality engineering solutions to the customers to enhance the customers productivity and reduce costs, in an attempt to satisfy customer needs. Staff: Total Employees: 250 ( Direct: 155, Indirect: 9) Shared Value : T he employees share the same guiding values i.e., Information system of KML,  Human Resources system, Production and processing system,  Environmental System.

Analysis of Financial Statement:

Analysis of Financial Statement Particulars 2011 2010 Current Ratio 2.409 1.878 Quick Ratio 1.659 1.262 Debt-Equity Ratio 20.303 14.343 Inventory Turnover Ratio 8.743 10.462 Profit Margin 3.187 3.423 Return on Equity Ratio 12.127 12.238




STATEMENT OF PROBLEM “ To study the level of job satisfaction among the employees of KAR Mobiles Ltd”. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To measure the employee job satisfaction level in KAR Mobiles Ltd. To study the employee perception towards organization. To identify the factors that motivates the employees. To study and analyze the various facilities provided to employees. To analyze overall job satisfaction of employees.

Methodology :

Methodology Sources of Data: Primary Data: The primary data was collected from the respondents by administering a structured questionnaire and also through observation, interview & discussion with management. Secondary Data: Apart from primary data, secondary data collected through text books, the records of KAR Mobiles, Journals from Library, Academic Reports, and Internet is used for the study. Sample Population: There are totally 100 employees working in the organization. Sample Size: Out of the total strength the sample taken amongst workers .i.e., 50 respondents. Sampling Area: The research was conducted at KAR mobiles ltd. Tumkur. Sample Method: The research was made by the survey in accordance to the convenience of the employees. So the sample type is convenient sampling.

Data Analysis:

Data Analysis “Respondent's response regard “Indicating employees level of job appreciation” working years”

PowerPoint Presentation:

Regarding providing all resources Regarding employees stress about Job to perform

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Respondents response with regard to the senior encourages high achievement by reducing the fear of failure” “The opinion expressed by the employees regarding organization views its employees as assets”

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Indicating respondents response with regard to the management has created an open & comfortable work environment” “Regarding the compensation is satisfactorily reviewed from time to time”


FINDINGS KML is successful in providing all the resources to its employees which are essential to perform their function efficiently, & majority of the employees are satisfied by this facility. The working condition is good & safe; it acts as a positive booster to increase the morale of the employees. The jobs at KML are found more stressful. The employees are not clearly aware of the company’s objectives & hence they are not able to contribute towards achieving the organization's objectives. Seniors/Managers are easily accessible to employees discuss issues pertaining to their job and personal needs. The communications among the departments are effective & reliable. The company is successful in providing good environment where employees will express their creativity, new ideas & show interest in their activities.


SUGGESTIONS Provision of reasonable wages plays an important role in improving the standard of living. This single factor is important for a worker than any other. So, the company must provide adequate wages to the workers. Systematic planning reduces hurdles at workplace and it ensures smooth flow of work methods. So, the present method of planning the work would be maintained as before to attain the goals very effectively. The company has to train its employees & guide them to increase their performance to achieve its goal as they are not clear about their objectives. The company has to concentrate on activities which eases the stress from the job, so that majority of the employees can improve their performance & will be more satisfied with the job. Attractive schemes from KAR Mobiles Ltd would activate employees and increase individualistic work efficiency. Overtime allowances and its hike factors are resourceful factors for organizational value .


CONCLUSION Findings and suggestion are based on the survey conducted and these points are to be looked into and steps are to be taken in this regard for higher growth. From the analysis I conclude that the job provides the opportunity to the employees to exercise his/her skills at work place. Number of the employees accepted that at times there is a considerable flexibility in co-coordinating with work and they are satisfied with the existing inter personal communication. In KAR Mobiles Ltd, Tumkur they follow the systematic planning and review process to evaluate the performance of employee. From analysis it was also observed that was there is a scope for the improvement of working conditions and pay package in KAR Mobiles so that it can be in par with market rate. Finally I would like to conclude that the employees of KAR Mobiles Ltd, Tumkur are satisfied with their work and organization.

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