3 Types of Jewelry Boxes with all Their Advantageous Features

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J.B 15 Dec Page 1 of 8 3 Types of Jewelry Boxes with all Their Advantageous Features Hey look at those Jewelry boxes they are so beautiful. Yes really they would definitely compliment the jewelry inside them. Have you observed the above mentioned conversation This was really heard by me in a shopping mall. Hello to all my readers specially the female ones. You must have observed the importance of the custom packaging as if it is successful in crating solid impression on customers than be ready they are going to be your clients. Jewelry product creates its impression but the custom jewelry packaging should be attractive enough to hold the impression on the customers. That is why various types of jewelry packaging are seen in the market. If you also want to improve your jewelry packaging then stay with me you will definitely find a lot in this blog.

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J.B 15 Dec Page 2 of 8 Why do you need appealing Jewelry Packaging There are a lot of renowned brands that craft their jewelries in the artificial form or we can say in white gold. These jewelries are given the shapes of necklaces bracelets earrings rings chokers small ringlets and so on. Therefore for this entire assortment custom jewelry packaging plays a very important and dynamic role. Moreover if these jewelry boxes are not given appealing and innovative shapes then the customers will never ever turn towards your brand. Hence as an owner of the jewelry business you have to be efficient with these custom packaging as your target audience is going to be women girls and females of all ages. You must know that they are very particular about everything relating to their jewelry and cosmetics. Further there are several types of jewelry boxes that are most commonly preferred in the jewelry business. Cardboard Jewelry Boxes These types of jewelry boxes are very much famous in the market. There are a lot of advantages of using these boxes. As their name suggest these cardboard jewelry boxes are manufactured from cardboard. This manufacturing material is exceptionally trustworthy in making rigid and flexible both type of custom packaging. Further they are efficiently undergoing the die cut machines to give them various innovative shapes as per the requirement of the clients. Jewelry Boxes Kraft sheets When it comes to custom packaging material there is another production resource to make these jewelry boxes. This material is known as Kraft paper and the boxes are renowned as Kraft jewelry boxes. These types of boxes are also eligible enough for creating various designs shapes and printing pattern on them easily. Moreover like cardboard jewelry boxes these boxes are also print friendly and are highly affordable. Further the die cut engineering is done efficiently on them. Handmade Jewelry Boxes There is another variety of jewelry boxes which is very famous now days. These type of boxes are purely representing the art and creativity of its manufacturer. From the cutting to designs patterns these handmade jewelry boxes are proving themselves dynamic for the custom packaging industry. Moreover in these boxes

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J.B 15 Dec Page 3 of 8 the creators have full authority to bring changes and introduce new style of pockets and compartments as it is completely a “Do It Yourself ” process. However for these boxes Kraft and cardboard both are best options to opt from. Cosmetic Packaging Boxes There is another variety that attracts the women and females of all ages to any shop are the cosmetics. For this reason if you have any type of assortment of cosmetics available which is usually seen in the jewelry shops then grab the right type of innovative and attractive Cosmetic Packaging Boxes. Availability of such assortment will definitely win the trust of the customers. This relation of trust will force the customer to buy your products again and again. These will automatically turn into mobile advertisement of your shop brand or company. But always remember in business it is the custom packaging that brings about the change before the product itself can do any magic. Like jewelry boxes these boxes are manufactured from cardboard and Kraft papers which provides a lot of benefits as mentioned above.

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J.B 15 Dec Page 4 of 8 Customization Details As I already told you that these custom jewelry boxes are print friendly. Therefore they can be printed in variety of printing pattern with varying color schemes. For printing pattern customers should come up with their ideas and show their creativity. Moreover you can also have the design or graphic assistance from the printing experts. I would prefer to use both facilities which is your imagination and design assistance from the company as it really works best for custom packaging. For printing on these cardboard and Kraft jewelry boxes there are multiple options present in the list which are CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow and Key RGB and PMS Pantone Matching System color facilities. Moreover you can use these jewelry boxes to enhance the beauty of the products on the shelf.

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J.B 15 Dec Page 5 of 8 Printing and Advertisement For jewelry boxes are print friendly and customizable. As told above you can customize them into various ways. These custom jewelry boxes can be turn into mobile marketing medium with a little bit smart printing. For this you can print these custom packaging with some comprehensive details of your company. For instance company name or eye catching logo any precautionary measures contact details outlet’s address or any website address that is necessary these days. However for this you should consult a company which will further provide guidance in such purposes. In the list printing the logo of your company with some other comprehensive details will be beneficial. To cut short this type of personalization on custom jewelry boxes helps you stand apart from others. Consideration of Size in Jewelry Business We all know very well that there is a huge variety of jewelry assortment like necklace bangles era studs rings bracelets chokers and a lot more. For all these type and more different sizes of customized Custom Jewelry Boxes are required

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J.B 15 Dec Page 6 of 8 because single standard size will be an odd choice to pack such sparkling and charming gems. This is the reason custom jewelry packaging is available for individual and collection of the jewels and trinkets together. Therefore the list of sizes includes 3 1/16×2 1/8 ×1 inches 7×5×1 ¼ inches box with separate top lids 5. 25×3.75 ×1 inches and so on. Moreover handmade jewelry boxes are also able to charm the customers with assorted sizes and shapes that have even boosted the alluring features of the packaging. Addition of Windows and foam Inserts Another addition which will further enhance the outer look of the custom jewelry packaging is the induction of clear windowpane. This helps in giving a proper idea and image of the product which will attract the customers even from distance. In addition to this various foam silk and other such inserts can also be added which will make cardboard jewelry boxes even more graceful from inside. Both these features will prove their importance in the eyes of the customers. In addition these inserts help in setting up the jewelry items at their places. Moreover the windows will help the retailers in showcasing the designs and assortment for jewelry lovers conveniently. Conclude the Look with Lamination After doing all the efforts with printing patterns windows and inserts there is a need to preserve them. For this there is a type of lock which is called lamination. It is a process of applying a layer of plastic which protects the custom jewelry packaging and custom cosmetic packaging from various physical and atmospheric changes. For example heat moisture dust dirt etc. Further this layer also helps in protecting expensive and delicate products packed inside them. You can choose any option from the list which includes gloss matte aqueous spot UV and semi- matte AQ and so on. These glazing options give silky and polished effects that improve the finishing look of the custom printing. What I Suggest and Why Let me share with you that there is a company which is really sufficient and efficient I printing and packaging. Further this company has experience of so many years in this field. Therefore if you want to buy any wholesale or otherwise

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J.B 15 Dec Page 7 of 8 custom packaging just get in contact with Printcosmo. Moreover there are some features this company is well-known which are: Design Assistance and Sampling This company provides design assistance and sampling for free which is like a great treat for the customers. With this facility you can conveniently contact them for their help about the designs and patterns over cardboard and Kraft jewelry boxes. The graphic representatives will welcome your ideas and do tell you about the practical potentials in your ideas range and categories of printing with its functional cost. With the help of the graphic engineers’ skills you will definitely get a polished consignment of Custom Packaging. Moreover their free sampling will ensure that you will get the required design before you place the order. Shipping facility Another reason for which Printcosmo is famous is their shipping facility. It is provided free throughout different regions of world. Besides they make deliveries in scheduled timing. For me this is the most praiseworthy quality they have. They

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J.B 15 Dec Page 8 of 8 make deliveries of custom packaging at your doorstep in least possible time. With this fastest turnaround service they take careful steps because of which shipment s like jewelry boxes remain safe from any type of damage. That is all about the company. Moreover if you want to know more about any of the related products their services and about the company together with their updates contact on their webpage and contact number you are more than welcome by the company.

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