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Recession-Proof Your Wallet : 

Recession-Proof Your Wallet Understanding Finances In An Economic Depression TEMPLATE Source: PowerTEMPLATES Category: Financial

Financial Crisis Components : 

Financial Crisis Components Failure of key businesses Declines in consumer wealth Substantial financial commitments incurred by governments Significant decline in economic activity Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Shapes

Growth of the US Housing Bubble : 

Growth of the US Housing Bubble Between 1997 and 2006, the price of the typical American house increased by 124% Housing Prices: peaked in early 2005 started to decline in 2006 may not yet have hit bottom Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Geography Source: PowerICONS Category: Real Estate

Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights : 

Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Limits how credit card companies can charge consumers, but does not include price controls, rate caps, or fee setting Cardholders deserve protections against arbitrary interest rate increases Cardholders who pay on time should not be penalized Cardholders should be protected from due date gimmicks and misleading terms Vulnerable consumers should be protected from fee-heavy subprime credit cards Congress should provide better oversight of the credit card industry Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Financial

Financial Perspective : 

Financial Perspective Determine Spending Habits Over Last 2 Years Access Current Financial Status and Wealth Create Realistic Long Term Financial Goals Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Arrows

Sustainability Success : 

Sustainability Success SPEND LESS SAVE MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Financial Source: PowerICONS Category: Symbols

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