Modern Interior design vs Traditional Interior design

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Modern Interior Design VS Traditional Interior Design Your choice of interior design can have an impact on your health productivity happiness and general well-being. There are two main types of interior designs namely modern interior design and traditional interior design. The modern interior design combines form and function for a cleaner and more uncluttered look while traditional interior design incorporates all that is ornate comfortable and classic.

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Let’s take a look at both interior design styles one after the other. 1. Modern Interior design. The modern interior design is gradually evolving and focuses on minimalism clean lines and light colours. It is safe to say that modern design is everything traditional design is not. The concept is majorly on increasing space and improving flexibility. The modern interior design is based on the philosophy that form should combine with function therefore the interiors contain neutral elements and bold colour and they focus on the basics of line shape and form. Hence modern furniture pieces are made from natural materials such as wood leather glass metal teak and linen and may be modular in their design often featuring innovative storage options. The modern furniture is usually raised up the floor to maximize space. It features clean straight lines contrasted by plain walls are often white and tends to incorporate a lot of glass natural light usually in one main accent colour to produce a cool and uncluttered effect while making it all that easier to enjoy the outdoors.

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2. Traditional Interior design. Traditional interior designs typically protrude elegance cosiness and comfort. They reflect consistency order and attention to detail yet classic cosy and comfortable at the same time. Furniture pieces used in these kinds of spaces are usually in pairs and goes together. They have edges that are soft and curved and generally have pops of colours such as red brown and blue which are often muted and understated. The walls of any interior space are typically painted in a neutral colour and feature a flat finish or wallpaper while the ceilings are often white with ornate mouldings. Both interior designs have their benefits and it all boils down to your taste in style to opt for either one. You will need to be creative while making your designs in order to create the perfect home you want or you might simply hire an interior designing company to do the design for you. Either way let your personal taste in style reflect your personality while creating a welcoming and functional environment at home. Visit Our Showroom 7400 North Federal Highway Boca Raton FL 33487 Phone: 561-465-2539 Email: Website: