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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING Types of software testing are following: 1. Functional Testing: Functionality testing is performed to verify that a software application performs and functions correctly according to design specifications.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 2. Compatibility Testing: Compatibility testing part of software non-functional tests is testing conducted on the application to evaluate the application’s compatibility with the computing environment.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 3. White Box Testing: White-box testing or structural testing is one in which test conditions are designed by examining paths of logic. The tester examines the internal structure of the program or system. Test data are driven by examining the logic of the program or system without concern for the program or system requirements.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 4. Automation Testing: Automation testing is primarily used for performing regression testing of a product. Regression testing requires execution of Test Cases with every build. Product releases are usually incremental and have a short development time span and hence require rigorous QA activities.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 5. Performance Testing: Performance testing is method to determine or examine how many users load can sustain our application before too late. Because during use of the application if application crash or respond slow user does not want to use again.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 6. Security Testing: Security testing is the most important and unforgettable part of the testing. This is the most important part because through our application client are share most valuable data. To save client valuable data from unauthorized access security testing is necessary.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 7. Beta Testing: Beta testing is the term used to describe the external testing process in which the software is sent out to a select group of potential customers who use it in a real-world environment.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 8. Configuration Testing: Configuration testing is the testing of a system with each of the configurations of software and hardware that are supported. In many situations the number of possible configurations is far too large to test.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 9. User Acceptance Testing: This type of testing is helpful when your are developing your project with any company You want to verify is your software is according to your requirement or not. Before accepting the project UAT testing is necessary.

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TYPES OF SOFTWARE TESTING 10. Selenium Testing: Selenium furnishes a record playback tool for writing tests without acquisition a test scripting language. It as well as provides a test area specific language to write trials in a number of big programming languages admitting Java C PHP Perl Ruby and Python.