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What is Encryption? Encryption means converting data into unreadable form. It helps to secure your files. Only someone with the secret key or password can access encrypted data.

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Benefits of Encryption “ Encryption helps to s ecure your personal data and prevent it from unauthorised access”

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How to Encrypt Mac data? Encrypt your data with FileVault 1. FileVault- an inbuilt tool of Mac data encryption. 2. Keep remember recovery key (password) to decrypt your data back. 3. No one can see your data without password.


How to use FileVault? 1. Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences 2. Click on the " Security " icon then Click on the FileVault tab in security Control Panel. 3. Click Set Master Password, and then type a password. 4. Click on “ Turn on FileVault ” 5. Now restart your Mac to begin encryption process.

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Alternative of FileVault “Data Encryptor utility of Stellar Drive ToolBox ”

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Encrypt Your Mac data with “Stellar Drive ToolBox” . Provides ultimate security to confidential data. . Allows hiding of encrypted files. . No other software can decrypt the files. . Provides option to verify, whether the listed hidden files really exist in Mac.

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Now be relax for your data safety... . Keep your Data safe and secure with Data Encryptor utility of Stellar . . Prevent unauthorized access to your confidential data. Visit :-

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