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we provide you best attitude status like facebook status,whatsapp status etc. and share different status for change mood.


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EXPRESS YOUR ATTITUDE WITH BEST ATTITUDE STATUS An attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person place thing or event. Attitude can be formed from a persons past and present. Attitudes include attitude measurement attitude change consumer behavior and attitude- behavior relationships. Attitude of a person represent an individual’s degree of like and dislike. Attitude is generally positive and negative view of a person place things or event.This is often referred to as the attitude object. Attitudes are associated beliefs and behaviors towards some object. They are not stable and because of the communication and behavior of other people are subject to change by social influences as well as by the individuals motivation to maintain cognitive consistency when cognitive dissonance occurs—when two attitudes or attitude and behavior conflict. Attitudes and attitude objects are functions of affective and cognitive components. Social status is the position or rank of a person or group within the society. Status can be determined in two ways. One can earn their social status by their own achievements which is known as achieved status. Alternatively one can be placed in the stratification system by their inherited position which is called ascribed status. People use attitude status and attitude dp for their facebook profile and whatsapp profile. People are always change attitude status and attitude dp for whatsapp and facebook like funny emotional happy sad love life memories life status family memories festival memories celebration memories etc. Attitude shows once’s personality and that’s by everyone wants to switch their whatsapp and facebook dp to attitude whatsapp and facebook dp. Best Whatsapp attitude Status – Funny attitude Whatsapp Status Love attitude Status for Whatsapp Motivational Whatsapp - Cute Whatsapp Status with Good Morning Updates - All Mood Whatsapp Status new 2016 WhatsApp Status Quotes. A cool attitude status for Facebook is an update feature which allows users to discuss their thoughts whereabouts or important information with their friends.

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Similar to a tweet on the social networking site Twitter a status is usually short and generally gives information without going into too much detail.