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Baroque By Misa Polmanova

Baroque Foundation:

Baroque Foundation Baroque is a style that was between teh Renesance and Neoclassicism . It lasted from 1575 to 1770. The Baroque style is very playful. This style started in Italy. Then it spread into Catholic countries that were in Europe. Then it spread to the Protestant countries. The word ‘‘Baroque‘‘ comes from Portuquese languange and means STRANGE.

The most famous Painters :

The most famous Painters Peter Paul Rubens Caraviggio Josefa de Obidos

Baroque Art:

Baroque Art In the Baroque style there was shown a lot of emotions and also they played with the shapes. It was very dynamic The Baroque style was used very often in Roman catholic churches. Artist were inspired by the work of Michelangelo Many baroque paintings are in Louvre which is in Paris.

Baroque Sculptures:

Baroque Sculptures During the Baroque style artist were very dynamic and inspired. They had many ideas of angels, because the Baroque style was in the Catholic churches. Also they were starting to construct water fountains.

Here are some pictures:

Here are some pictures