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In the last few years we have seen how #ArtificialIntelligence and Blockchain has revolutionized the #Technology world individually. These are considered to be the groundbreaking technologies of our time. Just imagine, if we converge the power of these two technologies, how beneficial it’ll be for the tech world.


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CONVERGING TWO FUTURISTIC TECHNOLOGIES AI AND BLOCKCHAIN TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD In the last few years we have seen how Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain has revolutionized the technology world individually. These are considered to be the groundbreaking technologies of our time. Just imagine if we converge the power of these two technologies how beneficial it’ll be for the tech world. In this blog we’ll understand the individual and the potential collaborative significance these technologies offer. Highlights of AI: 1. AI has helped in making the devices and machines intelligent. 2. Expected that 40 of the digital transformation by 2020 will be carried by AI. 3. Earlier it was very difficult to manage analyze and sort huge chunks of data however with AI this has become easy as it offers enhanced data collection and analysis which also considerably helps in data mining. 4. With more and more predictive analysis and larger data base the predictions made are very close to accuracy thus also reduces the possibility of human errors. 5. As the execution is driven by intelligent devices it offers a real time assistance to the users.

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Highlights of Blockchain: 1. Transactions are secure through the use of double security layer and transparent more than ever. 2. Considering the potential and the traction it has received from various businesses it is expected that approx. 12B investment would be made by the companies in Blockchain App Development technology by the year 2022. 3. For the effective execution process it decentralizes the database. 4. As it maintains distributed ledger the online transactions are swift and secure. How converging AI and Blockchain can change the Android or iOS App Development Services 1. Effective Data Management: Algorithms in blockchain strive to find every possible combination of characters until they find the right one. AI can help in optimizing this approach by making intelligent algorithms thus making this process more effective. 2. Highly Scalable: Blockchain is a chain of blocks that keeps growing. Currently there is no such mechanism to keep this check to optimize and eliminate the data from the chain. By using decentralized learning system AI can make this more efficient and scalable.

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3. Highly Secure: As we all know that Blockchain is highly secure but still we need to ensure that the Blockchain based apps are secured from misuse. AI can offer more security to the Blockchain based apps via features like NLP peer-to-peer linking and image recognition. 4. Quality Data Due to limited data access and authentication issues the quality of data provided by AI is low quality incomplete or faulty. However on the other hand Blockchain has abundance of data available at its disposable and is readily accessible. Hence by combining Blockchain with AI here AI can also get high quality data. CONCLUSION There are companies who are already combining these two futuristic technologies and making most of it. However as both these technologies are at initial stages it might the sometime to show the results. An experienced and skilled Mobile Application Developers can help you overcome the challenges and craft an enterprise application combining blockchain and AI. Pixel Values Technolabs highly talented pool of resources and satisfied clients across the world we are one of the Top Mobile Application Development Company in India. Our focus on every project detail and client-centric approach have made us capable of addressing the diverse business requirements of various industry sectors worldwide.

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