8 Tips For Natural Skin Care

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Natural care for skin


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8 Tips For Natural Skin Care Men and Women both have a want to stay beautiful and have a desire to look spectacular by glowing and healthy skin. One of the largest organ and important part of the body is our skin who covers your internal part and to save your body from external effect. Imagine If your skin is tempered and you touch at that place it is really hurting at that place and when you look at that place it looks pathetic. So you have to care about your skin from damages so here are some tips for natural skin care from one of the ​best dermatologist in Jaipur ​ who is the director of best skin care clinic in Jaipur. We need to care about our skin regularly. Men don’t care about their skin usually and they give more preference to hairs and use accessories new attires took a haircut and uses hair gel. And more concerned about there diet and fitness. By study it is found that men’s have larger pores than women so their skin is oilier. Common skin types in human have three types- oily dry and normalcontrolled Tips for Using Natural Skin Care Facial Masks Our Face skin is mostly damaged by Chemicals in cosmetic products pollutants particle in the air Harmful sun rays and Harsh cleansers. Because our facial skin is in direct contacts if we didn’t cover our face by cloth face mask. To maintain soft and smooth facial skin we would require more than regular treatment. Here are some tips for natural ​skin care ​ for the facial skin.

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We have many natural products which are useful for preparing facial mask at home and which are not harmful. These are: Honey: ​Honey is full of antioxidants so it works as antiaging or slows down the ageing of your skin. It is also good for acne because it is antibacterial naturally. It opens up your skin pores and easily unclogs. It is soothing and moisturizing so it gives you face glow. Lemon: ​ Lemons have antioxidant vitamin C which keeps your skin toned evenly. Turmeric: ​ Turmeric has benefits of antiseptic antibacterial and anti-inflammatory it reduces redness from calm skin and blemishes. It is excellent for acne because of its antiseptic property and control bacteria from spreading. Works as a lightening agent and reduces dark circles. Milk: ​ One of the best natural lotion to moisturise your skin. The creamy texture of the milk gives you flawless and smooth skin. It will help you to get rid of dead skin cells when rubbing bread dipped in milk until it will dry and become dirt and start falling. Multani mitti: ​ Another name of Multani mitti is Fuller’s earth. It is a rich source of minerals like quartz silica iron calcite and magnesium. Multani mitti face pack have many benefits like exfoliation face glowing control the oil of oily skin also good for normal skin it also controls Acne fades blemishes and any more treatment Aloe vera: polysaccharides contained in the aloe vera that repair your damaged skin and soothes sunburn.because of the acemannan it gives relief in irritation of the skin. Salicylic acids act as an exfoliator also contained in Aloe Vera. and also moisturize your skin. Here Some Tips For skin care: ● Clean your face by cleanser while applying makeup and also remove your make up from cleanser before going to bed ● Try to using Antibacterial products so that Bacteria will not spread ● Chemical-Based treatment is good for the instant result but it will damage your skin in future if you used it regularly. so try to use natural remedies instead of cosmetics ● Apply Moisturizer on your skin daily to moisturize it. ● Use natural ingredients toner made at home. We all want natural beauty but we all are using cosmetics and chemicals to keep our skin natural which is not possible and your skin will damage. Natural beauty will always come from natural products not from chemical based products. So do follow these tips for natural skin care.

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