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KAPPA PSI Midwestern University Chapter Report Fall Assembly 2011

What We’ve Been Up to…:

What We’ve Been Up to… “Didn’t know where I should be,”


COMMUNITY SERVICE “Couldn’t find my dream,”

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“Then a door opened for me,”

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“Pharm school I did try,”

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“Pledged Kappa Psi,”

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“Now I’m right where I wanna be,”

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“In a room full of letters…”

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“A room full of letters .”


TRAVEL Delta Nu brothers go everywhere together…

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DETROIT SPRING ASSEMPLY 2011 27 Brothers in attendance “Starting out at work today, first day at CVS,”

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“Stepping back to the shelf as I check myself, feel like I need some help.”

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“In-window , out-patient, A bunch of pills that I just don’t know ,”

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GRAND CANYON, ARIZONA “Counsel on that chronic med, We process fast, but fill too slow ,”

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“Another day, another dollar, I take a breath, and then I holler, ‘Mrs . Jones, your scripts’ all set’,”

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“Glyburide and Percocet ?’ I’m learning the skills on a daily basis ,”

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“Matching all the names to all the faces , But tell me the truth and spit it straight ,”

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MEXICO “What’s it mean to contraindicate ? I’m getting tired of inventory ,”

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“ Because I know there’s much more to the story ,”

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 6 Brothers attended the 55 th GCC “Like Accutane gets special mention ,”

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“And why do we treat hypertension ?”


CONGRATULATIONS DELTA NU REGENT LINDY QUARTERMAN!! Lindy received a Foundation Scholarship at GCC… we’re proud of you! “I want to help the bigger picture ,”

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PROVINCE 5!! “And not just fix up another mixture ,”

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON “So back to school, a new degree,”

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“Pharm Tech? No wait, PharmD !”

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA “Didn’t know where I should be, couldn’t find my dream ,”

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“Then a door opened for me,”

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“Pharm school I did try,”

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NIAGRA, WISCONSIN “Pledged Kappa Psi,”

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“Now I’m right where I wanna be,”


FORMAL Masquerade Ball Friday, April 8 th “In a room full of letters…”

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“A room full of letters…”

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“The hallway is packed, my notes stacked, I don’t know how to act,”

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“While tryin ’ to learn about the digestive t ract, my mind’s flippin ’ over…”

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“ biochem and physio facts. What’s in the back?”

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“I’m distracted and backing track, I take a step back ,”

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“but I wanna react so I collect all my knowledge and follow it”

Congratulations Brother Danielle Leav!:

Congratulations Brother Danielle Leav ! Danielle got married on Saturday, August 13 th <3 “ what happens to a capsule after you swallow it ? Wallowing in…”

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“the college of pharmacy but acknowledging my only frustration etiology .”

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“But then I saw KY, thought I would stop by ,”

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“Before I know it, those same letters pinned next to my tie,”

What we’re doing now…:

What we’re doing now… “It flies by, all the time I spent with my brothers, it did wonders ,”

Fall Rush started September 9th:

Fall Rush started S eptember 9 th “Helping out each other, makin ’ us tougher ,”

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“It wasn’t rough cuz we lifted each other up, one for all and all for one ,”

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“But I was the one being lifted up by you all, unable to fall ,’

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“My PharmD now up on the wall, My heart’s in Kappa Psi,”

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“and I’ll never forget you all.”

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“Kappa Psi, I’m in it for life,”

Plans for Fall…:

Plans for Fall… MWU Health Fair, this Saturday Sep. 24 th Pledging starts Tuesday at 5:30pm! Men’s Urbanathlon , October 15 th “Brothers always,”

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“We will strive,”

and as always… Brotherly Love!!:

and as always… Brotherly Love!! “To show pride, ‘til I die,”

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“I’ll live out our motto,”

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“One for all ...”

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“and all for one.”

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“Didn’t know where I should be,”

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“Couldn’t find my dream,”

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“Then a door opened for me,”

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“Pharm school I did try,”

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“Pledged Kappa Psi,”

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“Now I’m right where…”

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“I wanna be,”

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“In a room full of letters…”

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“A room full of letters .”

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